Cher: ‘Trump Is a Mass Murderer’ …. Send POTUS to Death

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Cher calls President Trump a mass murderer and suggests he should be put to death

Pop icon Cher delcared President Trump a “mass murderer” on Saturday and suggested he should be put to death as punishment.

In a now-deleted tweet, Cher stated that it is “CALLED MURDER IF YOU MURDER MORE THAN ONE PERSON,” in reference to President Trump’s handling of the Chinese coronavirus outbreak.

The “Believe” singer wrote:

THERE’S A BLAME 4 KILLING SOMEONE…ITS CALLED “MURDER”. IF YOU MURDER MORE THAN ONE PERSON YOU ARE A MASS MURDERER. THERE ARE MANY PUNISHMENTS FOR DIFFERENT DEGREES OF MURDER,BUT WHEN SOMEONE “KNOWINGLY “MURDERS PEOPLE… THE PUNISHMENT IS DEATH. Trump’s a mass murderer… hhmm. reports: While Cher deleted the tweet, she continued her rant in another thread, asking, “why did Trump lie” and admitting that she sometimes goes “too far.” She then provided a screenshot of articles on the Treasury Department reportedly siphoning millions from a 9/11 program. However, she said she would not “fall below my moral compass,” despite publicly suggesting that Trump be put to death.

“LETS TALK…. I MUST TRY TO BE A BEACON OF LIGHT FOR YOU. OBVIOUSLY DIDNT HEAR MY HIGHER ANGELSDisappointed but relieved face,” Cher continued in the disjointed rant. “I APOLOGIZE.”

“I Feel Ashamed,” she said, failing to provide a reason for her shame but noting that shame itself is “important.”

In July, the pop icon accused Trump of killing Americans “without a thought” for “adulation at rallies” but offered a softer punishment than death, suggesting that he remain in “solitary confinement” for the remainder of his life.

She doubled down in August, telling her millions of Twitter followers that Trump is torturing and killing Americans.

Trump quickly instituted a travel ban on China at the end of January, despite pushback from Democrats and establishment media figures, some of whom accused him of taking racist actions. In fact, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “promoted tourism to San Franciso, California’s Chinatown and was moving forward with legislation to prevent the president from issuing travel bans” at the time of Trump’s initial action, as Breitbart News reported.

Cher is not the only high-profile Hollywood figure to essentially accuse President Trump of murder. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) stated this week that Trump “caused the COVID outbreak in New York.”

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