Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann Sues NBC for $275M

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Covington student Nicholas Sandmann sues NBC for 275 million dollars

Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann is suing NBC Universal for a staggering $275 million over their false reporting from earlier this year.

Sandmann was at the center of a viral controversy back in January when multiple mainstream media outlets falsely accused he and his classmates of initiating a confrontation with Native American Nathan Phillips.

It was later discovered that accusations by Phillips and reports by the mainstream media were a pack of lies. reports: Sandmann’s attorney, Todd V. McMurty, announced the defamation suit against NBCUniversal.

“NBCUniversal created a false narrative by portraying the ‘confrontation’ as a ‘hate crime’ committed by Nicholas,” the lawsuit read, saying Sandmann was “an easy target for NBCUniversal to advance its anti-Trump agenda because he was a 16-year-old white, Catholic student who had attended the Right to Life March that day and was wearing a MAGA cap at the time of the incident which he had purchased earlier in the day as a souvenir.”

This marks the third major lawusit Sandmann’s legal team has launched. The team is also suing The Washington Post for $250 million as well as CNN for $275 million. McMurty previously suggested that The Associated Press and HBO could face simiilar lawsuits.

NBCUniversal did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.