Cow Who Escapes Slaughterhouse Gets Shot Near McDonald’s

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slaughterhouse cow

A slaughterhouse cow made a daring escape for freedom, only to be shot and killed approaching a McDonald’s restaurant.

The doomed cow was part of a trio of slaughterhouse cows who had managed to flee from their fate at the Tri State Beef Co. in Cincinnati. They escaped at around 11am on Wednesday, in a bid to afford themselves life and anonymity around Cincinnati countryside. The meat processing plant employees managed to round up two of the insurgent cows. One animal shook of the Tri State Beef Co. employees and headed west.

Drivers reported seeing a cow heading westbound on the Western Hills Viaduct upper deck. The unlucky cow went as far as the McDonald’s restaurant further along the road before being shot dead by one of the employees who had fears for his safety. In a separate incident an escaped farm pig was caught and subdued on the other side of the city.

The Metro reports:

slaughterhouse cow
Mr Cow escapes ‘Dacow’ slaughterhouse in an episode of Family Guy- Seth MacFarlane, Fox Broadcasting Company.


…the cow and two others fled Tri State Beef Co. in Cincinnati at around 11am yesterday.

Two were quickly rounded up, but one briefly shook off Tri State Beef Co. employees and headed west along a main road, to the bewilderment of drivers.

Slaughterhouse employees headed after the cow, and it eventually stopped near the McDonald’s on Harrison Avenue. It rushed one of the employees, who shot it twice with his rifle, witnesses said.



‘The man who put the cow down, it was so close it actually fell on his leg and he seemed to be limping but he refused medical at the time,’ Sergeant Stephen Meyer of Cincinnati Police Department, told WLWT.

slaughterhouse cow
Cattle awaiting slaughter

In a bizarre coincidence, a pig on the other side of the city escaped a farm and was found wandering through the streets.

Officer Byron Wilber said the pig and one of his colleagues had ‘a short scuffle’ before it was subdued.

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