Czechs Urged Not To Throw Rotten Tomatoes At U.S. Army Convoy

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Czech TV stations have warned the public not to throw rotten eggs or tomatoes at a U.S. army convoy due to pass through the country soon, otherwise they could face up to 3-years in prison. reports:

The upcoming roll in and out of US Troops through the Czech Republic highlighted some interesting double standards when compared with a recent protest “operation Red Card” in Prague that just so happened to coincide with a commemorative event taking place on the 25th anniversary of the velvet revolution with no less than five European presidents in attendance. Food fights with Presidents OK, with foreign armies, not OK.

“Prague –Hundreds of protestors waited for President Miloš Zeman in Prague’s Albertov district, where a commemorative plaque was being unveiled on the 25th anniversary of the events that took place on November 17th 1989 with five central European presidents in attendance. Demonstrators persistently whistled and chanted slogans calling for Zeman’s resignation. ‘I am not afraid of you, just like I wasn’t afraid of you 25 years ago’ Zeman answered his critics at the beginning of his brief speech. Then, certain objects started flying at the podium including eggs…”

Should anyone emerge with the intent to attack the convoy, with (items) such as tomatoes or eggs, it would qualify as disorderly conduct according to Czech legislation (up to 2 years without parole, in recidivist cases up to 3 years) or damage to property (sentence in the range of 6 months to 3 years). For example, in the event a bigger skirmish should break out with the American soldiers, the attacker(s) would face imprisonment from 6 months to 3 years. If (the incident) causes serious injuries, the attacker can receive a sentence of up to 10 years.

The second Warning came from the Czech Army Press:

The announced transfer of Strykers is a message (signal) not only for (our) citizens, but for surrounding states as well, that the Czech republic is a respected member of the alliance, on whose territory military equipment maneuvers are possible. In any event, this is not a case of being occupied because the troops will enter in accordance with both international law and in order to fulfill our commitments required by our treaty with NATO as well as national (security) legislation.

This (action) is being carried out in accordance with Article 10 of the Czech Constitution and Constitutional Legislation no. 110/1998 on national security.

On the other hand, sabotage and/or attacks on the constitutionality of the Republic, including attempts to undermine its defense capabilities are subject to imprisonment ranging from 8-12 years or forfeiture of property – § 310 par. 1 of the Criminal Code. The same is applicable in any attempts to destroy the country’s sovereignty. The text of this Legislation is sometimes mistakenly interpreted as applicable only in a state of war: However, the cited paragraph does likewise apply in peace time.

The criminal act of sabotage as per (article) § 314 par. 1 of the Criminal Code states that a person can be found guilty of this crime by “abuse of one’s employment, profession, position or functions or by other act to willfully (intend) harm to the constitutional order or defense capabilities of the Czech Republic or cause harm to an international organization, in order to:

(a) compromise or hinder the performance of important tasks by international organizations, public authorities, the armed forces or the security forces, economic organizations or other institutions, or

(b) cause a disruption or other serious harm as a result of their activities in such an (public) authority or such organization or institution.“


That Czech prisons aren’t filled with the obvious troublemakers, vandals and saboteurs that attended the reverent gathering held on 17. 11. 2014 in Albertov, makes it absolutely clear, that the motorcade of U.S. cavalrymen enjoy much more legal protection than the Czech, German, Polish, Slovak and Hungarian presidents combined. And whoever doesn’t like it is Putin’s agent and a traitor according to the logic of Czechs licking U.S. boots.

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