Dave Chappelle’s ‘Cousin’ Claims Star Was ‘Killed And Cloned By Illuminati’

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Dave Chappelle's family claim the star was killed and cloned after his return from exile in Africa, and the new Dave does not recognize them.

Dave Chappelle was “killed and cloned by the Illuminati,” after his return from exile in Africa and his appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, at least according to a woman who says she is his cousin.

The woman says that Dave Chappelle, who she calls “the new Dave,” has a totally different physical appearance from “the real Dave” who abruptly canceled the popular Chappelle’s Show in 2005, walking away from a $50 million deal, and went to South Africa to escape the limelight.

The woman, who we cannot verify is actually related to Chappelle, also says “the new Dave” does not recognize her, despite the fact she was “extremely close” to Chappelle before the strange events around his “escape to Africa” and “doomed return to America and the entertainment industry.

Dave Chappelle’s cousin claims the old Dave (pictured on the right) is physically different to the new Dave (pictured left.)

He wasn’t one of them and he refused to do their bidding,” she says. “He got too big and they took him out. The new Dave Chappelle is not the old Dave Chappelle. He looks nothing like him, he doesn’t recognize his own family, and he is a totally different person on stage… All of his real fans can see this.

Fans claim Dave Chappelle has been acting very differently, and even looks different, since his return from self-imposed exile in South Africa.

Truth Scrambler reports on the cloned Dave Chappelle theory:

Dave Chappelle is one of those famous people who was not born into fame.

The Illuminati prefer to put their own born and bred stooges into positions of power, whether as politicians or celebrities. If it can’t be one of their ownbloodlines then it is an MK Ultra victim, for example Britney Spears, Katy Perry, or Kanye West, someone who they have brainwashed since infancy, someone they know will follow their agenda.

They also gather people through blackmail and sellouts, they like people so desperate for fame that they will sign a contract in blood, selling their soul to the wicked industry. These are the people like Jay-Z who know what is going on but do not care, as long as they get their paycheck.

Dave Chappelle, at least initially, did none of these things. He was unique in that regard. He got famous with stand-up and eventually earned his own show on Comedy Central called the Chappelle Show. Since he was an independent writer/actor/performer, he had free rein on this show and what we saw in those two seasons was something fresh, original and not scripted by the industry Illuminati.

There was no hidden agenda, just an honest look at race, society, and whatever Chappelle felt like covering.

Now according to his cousin’s testimony, at this point Dave was called into the executive’s office, and was seated at a round table of rich exec Illuminati types who basically told him he needed to cut out some of the material that he was doing. Specifically they had a problem with his depiction of black people. They didn’t like his honest take on certain characters and portrayals because, according to his cousin, they were grooming Obama to become the next president, and felt this being threatened by Dave’s show.

When Dave refused to compromise his creative license and artistic vision, they offered him $50,000,000 to change the show to the way they wanted. Again Dave refused.

He left that meeting badly shaken. It sounds like he had a run-in with the Illuminati and was feeling implicitly threatened by some very powerful people. It was at this point that he fled to Africa. The media portrayed it the same way they do whenever a controlled celebrity begins to break down due to Illuminati pressure: they say he or she is having a psychotic break, a meltdown, a mental breakdown, you name it. They said Dave was overwhelmed by the fame, couldn’t handle the pressure.

Dave had nothing of the sort. He loved the limelight. No, he experienced a brush with something very powerful and sinister and was scared out of his wits. He was careful not to name names or get specific about it during interviews, but if you read between the lines and combine that with his cousin’s testimony, you get a clear picture.

He needed to get away, so he went to Africa, without even telling his wife. He told his brother and his cousin, and called his wife once there, but didn’t give his specific location. Sounds like someone trying to evade an assassination to me.

In the end it was his love of the limelight that would be his downfall. If what his cousin is saying is true, he should have stayed in Africa. He came back, and initially laid low, doing local standup shows but refraining from returning to Hollywood and television. But eventually he felt the need to talk, he needed to tell his story to the world. So he went onto Oprah.

When you watch the Oprah interview, you can see that she is playing her Illuminati part, in trying to portray him as someone who broke down from the fame, buckled under the pressure. Dave’s body language looks like the unconscious messaging of a broken man. Clearly he is conflicted at this point, wanting to return, to tell his story, to possibly get his show back, but at the same time confronted by Illuminati devils everywhere he turns, trying to control his movements, his image, his story.

According to his cousin who does not wish to be named, it was not long after the Oprah interview that Dave Chappelle was killed and cloned. The way they did it was by luring him back into the Hollywood executive office, back to the round table of exec types who push the Hollywood agenda, by offering him his show back, with full creative license to Dave. Sounds too good to be true, but Dave fell for it. It was his love for the show that did him in.

His cousin warned him, “don’t do it, it’s a trap.” But Dave wanted to believe. Dave promised his cousin that he would call her right after the meeting with the executives. She never received and still has not received that phone call.

She tried calling his cell shortly after the meeting. Someone else picked up, a stranger’s voice, who told her that Dave was not there and hung up. She tried again and the phone became disconnected.

She believes the Illuminati took Dave to an underground base where they sampled his DNA and murdered him. Then through the use of something called organic robotoid cloning, they grew a new Dave in a matter of hours. Now with clones, they are going to look similar but not exact. They had this problem before where family members recognize that the person coming home to them is not their loved one. Oddly enough, Putin’s ex-wife testified about this same thing, a few years back. Since they knew Dave’s wife and kids would not be fooled by the clone Dave, they killed and cloned them as well.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Email: baxter@thepeoplesvoice.tv
Baxter Dmitry


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  1. His Netflix specials are clearly Illuminati, too. He would never have talked about that crap before. Everything on Netflix has an agenda. 80% of the movies are about demons! All the comedy is Illumiati agenda. I can thank Netflix for renewing my faith, b/c it is so obvious how much they hate anything Christian–there must be something to it!

    • Very interesting. If you believe in the concept of Illuminati, there seems to be some evidence of many lower
      level ranking possible members who are into subtle control and propaganda methods, even in small towns,
      and by judges in the court system. This is similar to how many China local governments act, and so they
      (Illuminati) may do the same thing. Basically, even low ranking persons who are part of either the
      Illuminati, or of communist party in China, or any well organized mafia seems to have a certain amount of
      power, and seems to always have easy money. It is weird how merely some social rankings, some free speech,
      factual info, regular petty cash, and connections are the main things that are traded, or withheld, or
      awarded to those who are preferred by the control masters. In other words, things that used to be normal
      to many, are being made rare so that only certain people can get them. This is a concept that is alluded to
      in the bible in book of Revelations about not being allowed to buy or sell unless a person takes the mark of
      the beast. Is there a connection? Is this even a plausible plan? Can you easily get some basic things
      like social status, petty cash, actual true info, and good connections without having to join a clique, or
      cult, or to give alliance to someone powerful?

      • Hitler was right… ok so he got all fuked up on drugs and occult shit………. but he was right … and he knew they were not real jews too…

  2. All bogus who is this cousin that doesn’t want to be named so you’re telling me your news wire was able to talk to him but no one else was oh yeah okay yeah we believe it to yeah sorry this is just another card in the card game this post right here. No it’s not a cloud yes it’s not Dave it’s the industry Dave that has to do what he’s doing to survive so half of this is true and half of it’s b*******sure he was invited back but he wasn’t given an option he wasn’t given a choice or are you serious these people aren’t giving choices he was finally convinced he was about to die unless he succumbed to the deal there is way too much money to be made to let people make decisions when you’re dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars you don’t give people choices people don’t have choices this isn’t a free world you either sell your ass or you don’t and he sold his ass he didn’t want to but like I said he knew he didn’t have a choice he knew he was going to die unless he did this and it’s just like the other fake ass sellouts in the industry like Eminem wearing black leather jackets and Triangles around his neck yeah these guys don’t have a say in how their story unfolds if you get camera time to begin with you’ve already sold your soul if you wouldn’t think so then you weren’t funny but even guys like Eminem who you think just had a hard life and then got saved by Dre we’re planted there to begin with they were literally tools from the ground-up it was either yes I’ll participate or no and from that day on there is no turning back if You Buck the system you will be warned accordingly and if that doesn’t get through to you and you continue to be sneaky you’re damn straight they have a million different ways to take you out look at Paul Walker do you really think he was racing that car around in the middle of the work he was doing down there with children’s charity I mean even his dad said he want out and he wanted out bad. But I’m calling total b******* on this one all the cousin theory if he doesn’t want his name out there too bad what you don’t think people can figure out who he is this is a joke of an article

  3. I just have one question…
    Was she actually AT this meeting? She’s got a LOT of details about this “meeting”, for being a close family member that Dave no longer recognizes or speaks to. How did she get all of this info?

  4. Rapid growth is not possoble… You would aslo need rapid education… Speech lessons…etc… Essentially you would have a child in the body of an adult… The more obvious explanation if there is one at all is that they replaced him with a look alike… Or brainwashed him…. Funny how people automatically go into the most obsurd explanations… Smh

    • not tru because the information is hard copyed in the DNA theres 1000’s of years of hard pressed knowledge of your ancestry and beyond cryptically locked waiting to be unlocked inside the DNA

      • Exactly right billy mcgee… Personally I believe these cloned bodies are being imbued with demonic spirits. Just understanding that the illuminati are worshippers of satan… and factually only God can create new conciousness. Therefore this leaves only one option… using a conciousness that already exists… which couldnt be human.

  5. Good story for movies. Cloning is possible since it is already done in animals. However, those cloned beings still have to follow the normal speed of growth as observed by scientists. It is like test tube babies. They still follow normal growth. Cloning is pretty much the same except adding a known cell from another being and introduced to the egg cells that they will use, similar to test tube babies. So the growth process is pretty similar to normal reproduction system. Time is still part of growing. Unless the aging process can be altered genetically. But by doing that the subject will age quicker. I would say this technology if discovered will be benifit the military department. They may be able to adjust the speed of aging. They only required a 21 to 40 year olds then terminate them after 40. Production line continous to supply soldiers with expiration date. Even so, learning what the adult version have achieved will not be copied by clones, because cell can not record what was in the brain of the cell donor. Like memories, talents and love, etc. Does this fake news seem unrealistic, now?

  6. to all you people saying they would need to fallow the normal speed of growth obviously that is not the cause hypothetically speaking they are not using the standard method of cloning it is some type of advanced method that would re-write the text books in school.That is why you will never in your life time or in any life time for that matter if they do posses such technologies (i believe they do) be deemed as conspiracy and fiction,now trust me if they are fooling around with electromagnetic propulsion systems for the last 70,80 deep underground and in space advanced cloning is a peace of cake,

  7. Lol It’s defintely still Dave in the newest standup specials. Some people don’t want the limelight & start working out because they want or need a change in life, want to become healthier. No need to jump to the most extreme sci-fi explanation for relatively simple & common life events.

    Funny how these illuminati people run the world but no one’s actually been able to produce any hard evidence. Not even one candid photo of these blood drinking & child sacrificing rituals that supposedly happen daily. Don’t you know how hard it is to clean up blood & hide bodies? Haven’t you seen forensic files?

    • You’re contradicting yourself by comparing these acts/antics to forensic files when you just said that it’s unnecessary to jump to conclusions and compare it to science fiction.

      • Forensic Files is non-fiction. It’s a show that shows real life cases & breaks down the forensic evidence. It would be ridiculously difficult to have baby sacrificing rituals all the time & not have someone notice. Dave just went to Africa to get away from bullshit & switched his game up. A lot of people make changes in their lives, not a huge deal

        • No I agree, but I just don’t think we actually know what’s real and what’s not. It’s not a big deal, but it does affect us in a way.

          • Just by using reason & occams razor, it’s probably 99% more likely dave got fed up with hollywood bullshit the way many other “real” people do & bulked up by workimg out than it is that blood drinking illuminati leaders cloned him with rapid growth technology that doesn’t even exist yet

    • Type in your search engine, the church of euthanasia. If the photos are still there from 3 years ago you’ll see some of what you mentioned.

  8. hold the corner of a napkin and put the point where the third eye would be and see the spacing between the eyes change from one figure to the other, I would swear I was looking at two people the new david looks like Denzel Washington. The first TV show I saw with obvious clones was the show Celebrity Fear, the hosts were the strangest people I ever saw on TV. So sorry about David Chappell and his family, a great talent swallowed by Controls will.

  9. this is a crazy thought, because it could be true, and it could be someone’s wild delusion, the voice the body change can all be attributed to age , grown , diet change , etc … but to even think we libe in a world that this is happening in , my question is does Hollywood not get censored? because if art reflects life , they have been showing us this for years, so have we’ve been getting prep for this new world order since the invention of mass media ?

  10. I believe it. Only thing I think he got wrong was Donald Trump. I believe Malania, his wife is a clone or female drone, but not him. They had this technology long ago. Refer to the original movie the “Stepford Wives.” In this movie the imposter was called female drone. I believe they learned this science through study of the habits of bumble bees. This may be part the reason we rarely see bumble bees in abundance anymore outside the poisonous carbon monoxide pollutants. Mind yourselves, honey bees and bumble bees are two different classes of bees. But go back and watch the original “Stepford Wives” movie. The idea for this movie just didn’t fall out the sky. And if you have an inkling of intellect it may cause you some very serious concerns. Trump undoubtfully had to be certain of Malania’s action along with his dark-side colleagues. Noticed how she is not very opinionated and marked Michelle Obama’s speech word for word. No telling when the cloning actually took place…if she is a clone at all. Hypothetically speaking I am somewhat convinced more than un-convinced there’s some truth to this cloning business. It’s a proven fact that they have the technology.

    • Okay, wait.. this photo is real? In all my truth seeking never have I seen this photo or anything close. Do you have any links for this specific lab and any info revealed about it?

  11. Do any of you know how cloning works? The clone is born a baby. I feel sad for any of you that believe this BS.

  12. What if he later realised that life outside Illuminati was a waste so he joined them and he is now doing what they want him to do….Reason for the change….Fake News

  13. Anything is possible, they can do heart transplants etc… theirs evidence, and doing that mind manipulation it happens daily, Just look at abusive men/Women who manipulate there partners in Canada in your home town, Manipulation is a real thing, it doesnt take much. i just saw on the news in China they cloned Moneys 100% Successful, and they have Cures for Cancer, H.I.V Etc…. The dude who invented the cure for HIV is now possibly going to Jail if yall been playing attention ( he upped his medication price from 200$ or some shit to 900$) the Truth is right in front of your eyes, just gotta wake up!

  14. Lmao a clone grew in a manner of hours?? Its crazy how the media says sumn and everyone starts believing lol now that is mind control dumbass

  15. They could however have brainwashed him into their beliefs the Illuminati are well known for that kinda thing and it could have been so much work on him that he lost some of his memories of his family as well I would just hate to believe that all this has happened to him though.

  16. This is a really stupid story……all it has achieved is a… disinformation agenda realized…… cmon don’t be fuken stupid… cloned scmoned.. what a load of crap..hes not dolly the fuken sheep you wankers…. lololol.. Hilarious… but fuken ridiculous shit.. another pile of shit story from Baxter the Wankstain

  17. I just can’t buy that someone can be recreated in one day…….to be cloned means to me that they go through the whole growing process as normally as possible.

    • Lmfao the powers that be are in pocession of things that make the world seem a fairy tale.. these people have been in control and will remain in control any one that opposes them meets there doom or recreation

      • Cloning has been in human and rat trials (publicly stated for all to see on an official website that cells DNA and RNA strains for cloning purposes) for over a decade now (new fast cloning is based on ancient alien tech apparently) and Jack Black has even mentioned it.

  18. Dave Chapelle is dead and was killed, but I don’t buy the clone thing. They are parading around a look alike who doesn’t recognize distant family, who is way more bulked up than he could ever be. RIP Chapelle.

  19. I mean….I know we have some serious mental illness in this world, but wow. Anyone jumping to this kind of insanity really needs professional help. I hope no one talking like this has children, but I know that’s usually not the case. Damn.

  20. no clone, they may have altered his thinking, and killed his old personality. They can do this with LSD, and torture, deprivation.

  21. It’s sad that you people with mental problems and unhealthy obsessions about famous people become unhinged when your obsession doesn’t age the way you think they should or change in a way you don’t approve of that you buy into some “Secret, Elite Society” (although, not so secret that a bunch of crazy nobodies [yes, YOU] seem to know about them and what they do) “cloning” your obsession or “making them drink blood and/or eat children” or any of these other completely inane lunacies. All of you who believe this garbage are freaking tin hat-wearing morons.

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