Deep State Declares War On #ReleaseTheMemo

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The Deep State have declared war on politicians and media outlets who are demanding the immediate release of the four-page FISA Abuse Memo. 

The Deep State have declared war on politicians and media outlets who are demanding the immediate release of the four-page FISA Abuse Memo. 

Since Republican Congressmen, like Matt Gaetz, came out strongly demanding the immediate declassification and public release of the House Intelligence Committee memo, the Internet has responded with a storm of activism, analysis, articles, and campaign memes, all focused around #ReleaseTheMemo .

This author is happy to declare I have had my hand in this as well, highlighting the issue on social media and creating #ReleaseTheMemo content.

However, the reaction of the Deep State to the threat of this information has been manic, as it thrashes around like a wounded serpent that has had a spear pierced straight through its body.

A leaked letter from Adam Schiff and Diane Feinstein, written to Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, make their feelings about #ReleaseTheMemo breaking the internet abundantly clear.

They blame #ReleaseTheMemo not on patriotic Americans sick of their shit, but on, you guessed it, “the Russians”.

The sick ability of the Deep State’s agents to warp reality is nothing new. But this is a grave betrayal of free speech and the normal, healthy, legitimate desire of Patriot’s who want it exposed that Obama criminally conspired, with elements within the FBI, to subvert and destroy both the candidacy and Presidency of Donald Trump any way they can.

Schiff and Feinstein are LOSING IT because they are TERRIFIED and they know if that memo goes public they are all GOING TO JAIL! Indeed, one of the most successful #ReleaseTheMemo memes to date runs with the theme “Deep in the Schiff”!

On behalf of myself, and the thousands  of other activists who aren’t taking this anymore from these Swampites, I refute with prejudice the absurd fake news narrative that you need to be a Russian to want to see these vile corrupt and disgusting people taken down to face justice, Schiff’s neck stretches and his forehead beads with sweat, clearly in some psychic fore-shadowing of feeling the pull of the rope, if his own role as Deep State shill coverer-upper comes out.

Well, tough luck Swampites! Its coming out. Its ALL coming out. And even as individuals like myself are completely censored on Facebook right now, our ability to project past their gatekeeping continues to bring them down.

And its also on you dear reader, to share information, to check out and promote #ReleaseTheMemo, and make the pressure to expose all of these wrongs totally irresistible.

I would also like to point out that the memo that counts is the one compiled by Congressman Devin Nunes, and when he says the memo has been release then I will accept it. Expect the Deep State to try to control the narrative with a limited “memo” of their own trying to be passed off as the real deal. My advice for all activists who want to be part of making justice happen is to keep calm and keep GOING!

Shared below is the Feinstein/Schiff letter, and some choice memic examples to help the campaign along – and there is much more where that came from. Be sure to search #ReleaseTheMemo and look again periodically until the memo has been released and the Deep State conspiracy against the lawful office of the President and the freedom of people across the western world has been exposed.

And finally, from yours truly:

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