Defense Study Shows Jabbed Pregnant Female Soldiers Are Experiencing “Absolutely Catastrophic Rate of Fetal Problems”

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Jabbed female soldiers experiencing unusually high level of fetal problems

A Department of Defense study shows the jabbed pregnant female soldiers are experiencing “absolutely catastrophic rate of fetal problems,” according to former Clinton advisor Dr. Naomi Wolf.

Last April, researchers began investigating the link between the COVID jab and menstruation after thousands of women reported changes to their cycle after receiving the experimental jab.

According to the study published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, huge numbers of jabbed women saw a change in their menstrual cycle.

“Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccination is associated with a small change in cycle length but not menses length,” the study stated. reports: However, anyone who spoke about a link between Covid vaccines and menstrual problems/fertility issues was labeled a “conspiracy theorist.”

Then in February 2022, the European Medicines Agency’s risk assessment committee announced that it would review reports of menstruation irregularities after thousands of women have reported changes to their monthly cycle after getting the COVID vaccine.

“After reviewing the available evidence, the PRAC decided to request an in-depth evaluation of all available data, including reports from spontaneous reporting systems, clinical trials, and the published literature,” according to the news release.

On Friday, former Clinton advisor Dr. Naomi Wolf joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss her latest crowd-sourced research on the COVID vaccines and pregnancy.

This was an absolutely shocking segment.

Dr. Naomi Wolf: Report shows that pregnant women were excluded from the trials before they concluded it was safe and effective. They concluded it was safe and effective based on mice and the autopsies of mice fetuses. And horrifically, the Department of Defense data shows that female soldiers’ pregnancies are experiencing an absolutely catastrophic rate of abnormalities and fetal problems…


    • Pregnancy in uniform is nothing new. Females have husbands, just as men have wives. As for those unwed, and pregnant that is no crime.

      • Your comment is nonsensical and doesn’t answer the question. How are pregnant soldiers supposed to perform their duties? Fairly simple question.

        • Nonsensical, huh. I think you are living the preconceived notion that women in uniform don’t bone down.
          Those Marines, Soldiers, or Airman who wind up pregnant get reassigned to desk jobs with the units they are attached to – or get temporary orders to fill a position at a military school, repair facility, or even a hospital.
          For those Sailors holding a sea billet (where many get knocked up aboard ship) they get transferred to light duty, then shore duty once they can be accommodated. Some with complications have options to separate, a few do but most bilk it as its free money and much better housing than the hoods they come from.
          Ultimately, its a problem, but nothing any different that the civilian employer doesn’t also have to deal with.

          • Females have way too many roles in the military. there are a few position that are great for females, like nurses or doctors, but not foot soldiers, fighter pilots, helicopter gunship pilots, a big effing NO IMO.
            Flying in noncombat missions, yes. but no contact with the enemy engagements.

          • I served with many, will leave it at that. I do not subscribe to women’s equal rights. Its not my opinion alone but the opinion of the rest of the world. Women just don’t rank in most of the world. Of the 200 sovereign nations, women are only seated as head of the state in less than 20 countries. Not a very impressive track record.

          • I don’t open links. You still didn’t answer my question. Maybe too difficult for you?

          • That’s fine, but the source is there. You can google it your self.
            Says, of the 1.4 million on active duty – says about 200,000 are female or about 14% of the combined force.

          • You couldn’t pay me to use anything from communist google.

          • Okay, use any other browser. I agree, Google is a back for the cyber goon squad. Even the novice script kitty can thwart those with other browsers – for me its no longer a matter of privacy, as there is none.

          • What is your answer to the knocked up solider, to separate them? That is shortsighted after spending the funds to educate and train them for the job assigned. That is considered “…waste, fraud, and abuse.” Its a crime according the UCMJ.

          • Kick them out, plain and simple. It’s all about personal responsibility.

          • There is big problem with recruitment. Few want to join, and its affecting the quality of those now being selected. That is partially why the LGBT have been a instrumental in finding enough people with a high enough IQ to carry out the mission.

          • That could take awhile. I’ll give you some basics and you can research further if choose to. Milton William Cooper was a very high ranking Naval Intelligence Officer from the fifties into the late seventies. He had access to everything the government was doing behind the scenes. He could no longer stay silent on what the feds were doing to this great Republic so he began to speak out at great risk to himself. He had a radio show where he was exposing government corruption that I used to listen to via short wave radio. The CIA made three attempts on his life. First attempt was a complete failure. The second attempt he lost one of his legs. They finally silenced him on the third try. If you want to get an in depth story I suggest you read his great book “Behold The Pale Horse” He exposes everything about the Kennedy assassination, The moon landings and many other subjects. He also predicted 911 and who would be involved in it and many other “False Flags” before his death. “False Flags” is a term that he came up with. I could go on, but there is just too much information on the man to share.

  1. Well there’s no real democracy so what are they selling themselves as murderers for.? What are they defending? Bill Gates?Are they going to. Ukraine to murder Russians for freedom or tyrrany? Clearly they’re not thinking their choices through logically or they’ve been deceived or they just want an excuse to shoot. I’ve met soldiers who very openly admit they jyst want to kill Asians and Moslems and anyone different from them. They aren’t uncommon. I wouldn’t want a mother whose an amazonian warrior who likes killing for a career. And that’s whether she’s Russian or American or Chinese or Vietnamese or Martian

    • They had an option to separate, and refuse the vaccinations. I suppose if in their boots, I’d have made sure to use some birth control or condoms for a few years afterwards. That the DoD didn’t think this through and offer such advice is weak leadership.

    • The flip side, have been watching the Chinese city closures. Seems they are dead set on having a zero Covid policy, and at this stage one has to ask why? What do the Chinese know about the release of this virus from their bio-weapons lab, that is still being suppressed. Personally, there are too many unwanted people.

      • Is the goal to have zero covid? There is something else going on. It is part of a system they are setting up. The virus is not that dangerous.

        • I don’t care either way about the virus now. I have suspected for some time Covid-19 a binary bioweapon. Part A is not that bad, Part B will cause significant loss of life, over a short span of time. Much like resin and its catalyst. I have 5 rounds of graduate studies and have worked with binary agents. They exist in many fields. Strategic systems, or biological systems are no different. its only until after they are introduced, that all hell can take place. Sometimes for good, others times bad.

          • a valid theory IMO. The vaccine was the most potent part of the weapon.

          • Well, here is how I saw it. There are two choices in such a worse case theory. One theory is to catch the Chinese made virus, and forever have their genetically modified DNA as part of ones system, and that of their offspring. That risks the Covid-19 proteins spikes laying latent, for say Covid-20 to later attach itself. If a binary weapon, that would be bad for all those who thought Covid-19 was just some type of new influenza.
            The second, to take the same vaccination the Pentagon gave to their million and a half men and women in uniform – its front line warfighter. The high command had the intelligence the civilian population has never seen, and moved swiftly. Ultimately the admirals and generals wanted to see genetically gerrymandered spike proteins from China, capped with a US laboratory produced and vaccine.
            The choice was simple for me, follow men who dedicated their life to the defense of the nation, or follow the Communist Chinese? I would point out, the Chinese are still trying frantically to isolate any Covid-19 outbreaks, and willing to close down entire mega-cities. The fact is that in lieu of losing trillions of dollars in trade by these many mega-cities being sealed off, the Chinese are determined to ensure all their own citizens do not ever catch and spread this bio-weapon that they seemingly uncorked.
            Leaves the thinking man to ask, “…why after so many years and many vaccines are the Chinese still so intent on keeping their own population, pristine and uncontaminated?” Is that the big and mighty Communist “big brother ” machine that can not stop, or do they have other plans. Possibly plans to leverage their 1.5 billion too many people to repopulate other rapidly depopulated regions?

          • I am sure you were familiar with Deagel dot com /forecast. the forecast part has been removed during the middle of the pandemic., but it gave population predictions of countries in 2025 for some reason. If one were to comb thru the different countries, you would notice that the populations of all western Christian nations were down 70-80% by 2025. If you looked at India, china, and African countries, you would see their populations remain relatively flat. My thoughts were that after the depopulations of the western countries occurred that China and India would encourage migration to fill the vacancies.
            Deagel is a legit site that military planners use or used to use to see what military assets, economy status, and predictions of their rival countries.

          • Deagal is new to me. They have some good snapshots for comparative analysis.

          • I see your migration proposition could be a valid outcome. Repopulating a decimated rival has been done many times throughout history. Alternative, the West with a depopulated demographic allows for the freedom to maneuver while others heavily populated implode. Fighting for scares resources is possibly one variable.

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