Hungary Prepares To Prosecute ‘Lifelong Nazi’ George Soros For Holocaust Atrocities

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George Soros group tells governors to release as many prisoners as possible due to coronavirus outbreak in USA

Hungarian prosecutors are preparing charges against 92-year-old Hungarian-American financier George Soros for aiding and abetting the murder of thousands of Hungarians during the Nazi occupation during World War II.

Soros is set to be charged with “knowingly and willfully” aiding and abetting the murder of Jewish Hungarians in Budapest from September 1942 to January 1943, according to a source in the prosecutor’s office in Budapest, Hungary.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s administration have been seeking justice for historical crimes committed by Hungarian Nazi collaborators and Soros is understood to have been using his vast resources to “hide in plain sight” for decades.

Prime Minister Orban has been warning about Soros’ corrosive influence on society for decades. “Europe must not succumb to the Soros network,” wrote Orbán recently.

Soros was born to a Jewish family in Hungary in 1930, and survived the Holocaust by collaborating with the Nazis. He has expressed a total lack of remorse for his actions, telling 60 Minutes in 1988 that if he didn’t do it, somebody else would have anyway.

Soros was been missing since at least March 5, shortly after news leaked about the impending charges. He was expected to attend a conference on his recent work on African education however he did not arrive.

The prosecution considers Soros fit to stand trial despite his advanced age, the prosecutor’s office said, however the case will be on hold until he is arrested.

Soros founded the Open Society Foundation in 1993 to help promote far-left values and open borders around the world. Laura Silber, a spokesperson for the foundation, told USA TODAY that the claim Soros aided and abetted Nazis is “100% false.”

US-based fact checkers have regularly defended Soros from claims that he was a Nazi during his teenage years. However, these same fact checkers are funded in part or wholly by Soros and they have failed to identify this conflict of interest while reporting on Soros.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Everyone knows. He admitted it and proves those who try to deceive the world are not credible in anything they ever say.

    • Because those in charge are just as evil as he is. The deep state is massive and has been running everything but their day is done. We the People have had enough and justice is coming. Deep state’s network is crumbling – mainstream media isn’t reporting it but alot of other sites are.

  2. If soros is already dead, the prosecution should not stop there. There is a matter of the massive financial gain from his Holocaust Atrocities.

  3. Will just the head of soros on a stick be sufficient evidence to send to the Hungarian people? Would they like to have the curs of his offspring accomplices as well?

    Has anyone checked ebay for the head or other pieces of gorge soros?

  4. I don’t care about his Holocaust that was 80 years ago. He needs to pay for all the harm he has committed in his color revolutions usurping governments around the world. All the Attorney Generals, politicians and judges he bribed. All the human trafficking he was involved in high treason and rigging markets stealing everyone’s money.

  5. Give em the Jan6 treatment. But then, he’s probably got a private suite at the white house. Darth Biden kneels before him and says, “Yes master – uh – whats your name again ?”.

  6. Oh, so you still believe the HOLOHOAX???
    Actually, the allies committed more crimes than the nazis and these crimes were deeper in gravity.
    For example, 9 million germans died AFTER WW2 had ended.

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