Rose McGowan Makes Plea To #FreeBritney On Tucker Carlson Show

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Britney McGowan

Rose McGowan continues to show her support for Britney Spears and exposes the abuse of the singer during an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

During a highly anticipated court hearing, singer Britney Spears made several claims about the controversial conservatorship that for years has managed to keep most information out of the public domain.

The star criticised those who have been controlling the conservatorship, including her father Jamie, and called for an end to the 13 year legal ruling that has made her a prisoner to her ‘family’ and controlled her life down to the finest detail.

She old the court that she is always told “no” by her handlers, and that she feels “ganged up on” and “bullied”.

The conservatorship, she added is “abusive”, comparing her treatment to those who have been sex-trafficked.

She also told the court that remaining silent in public for years has falsely created the impression that she approved of her circumstances.

Rose McGowan said the abusive control of Britney by her father is not unlike what powerful sexual predators do to their victims.

RT reports: the actress and activist went to the conservative network to make a case in support of Spears’ bid to overturn her conservatorship. The 1990s megastar has not been able to control her personal and financial life since 2008. After involuntary placement in a psychiatric ward, a court gave her father, Jamie Spears, and attorney Andrew Wallet control over her actions and multi-million-dollar estate.

McGowan is among many people who have long perceived the arrangement as fishy and exploitative. This week, their concerns for Spears were justified after she made an appearance before a court to explain how she has been lying to her fans and herself that she was OK, and that in reality, she is “in shock,” “traumatized,” and “so angry it’s insane.”

“I understand that kind of rage,” McGowan said on Fox News. “I was the first one to go on record about Harvey Weinstein and that kind of sickness,” referring to the once-powerful Hollywood producer who was convicted of rape and sexual assault last year. Weinstein’s was arguably the highest-profile scalp collected by the MeToo movement against sexual abusers in the entertainment industry, in which McGowan was a leading voice.

“Hollywood and the media machine are rotten to the core,” and Spears is just another victim of the elite that treats individuals as disposable property, McGowan told Carlson. The singer has endured a “weird form of oppression,” being denied freedom by her family that readily profits from her talent, she said.

While we’ve all been entertained by Britney Spears, she has been tortured.

While in conservatorship, Spears continued her career as a performer. She had a four-year concert residency in Las Vegas, continued recording, and went on a tour in 2018. Fans wondered how at the same time she could be considered legally incapable of caring for herself. During her Wednesday court appearance, she said the tour was forced on her, as she listed her many grievances and said her life feels like that of a slave.

The questionable situation was highlighted earlier this year in a New York Times documentary called ‘Framing Britney Spears’. Ahead of her court appearance, the newspaper reported, citing court documents, that she has quietly been trying to get out of it since at least 2014, while publicly expressing contentment.

McGowan’s interview was hailed by many, but some people took issue with the platform she used. While ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ is one of the most popular shows among conservative viewers, many on the left consider his positions loathsome and accuse him of dividing America for personal gain.

An advocate for women’s rights should not “breathe oxygen into to misogynistic, money-hungry a**holes who uphold the systems that oppress women,” one person said. Another said they passed on the interview because “I hate Tucker Carlson more than I like Rose McGowan.”


  1. How did tbe story go from being about Britney to hating friar Tuck ?Any excuse ? Seems reasonable to me anyway .But Hollywood is like the micro global elite system and the rest if their world the macro Theyre the same people, the same values ,the same humanitarianism u underneath the cosmetic images .Anyway Britneys served her time surely after 13 years in her lawyer and dads aptivity whilst tbey control her wealth Its like Marilyn Monries deceased estate was in tbe top highest earning income brackets for FIFTY years before it paid it’s way out of bankruptcy Usually only Elvis earned more but for some TOTALY I inexplicable reason there was, in England, a Monroe Foundation that had some black hole effect in swallowing her earnings .Very odd .Very .Anyway Britneys not dead ,she has’nt succumbed to suicide .She wants her dough back in her hands and she better get it too .And you must understand Matilun owned nothing but her modest Brentwood house that only cost her 72 ,000 bucks at the time .The studio had her insured for 10 million They got paid .How much insurance did her lawyers have in her life for her relatives her mum she was paying to keep in hospital ,her sister and niece ,her step children from Miller and Joe ? Very odd .All like hollywood Very unbelievable .

  2. britty was a slave from day one,she was bornt into it so she kant be freed-she has to buy her way out of it the same way her daddy payed everyone off IV hollywood has messed her around who cares about hair or panties-only hollyWOOD they are ridding her gravie train from the birth to past her death same old same olt beatin the horse into slave hood

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