Dem Rep. Says “Spare Me The Bullshit About Constitutional Rights” During Gun Debate

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Democrat rep

Democratic congressman David Cicilline told House Republicans they should “spare me the bullshit about Constitutional rights” during a debate on gun control.

The Rhode Island congressman’s outburst was aimed at Florida congressman Matt Gaetz and other Republicans who were opposed to gun control legislation, during the House Judiciary Committee meeting on Thursday.

Gaetz was attempted to insert an amendment to the legislation stating: “Congress disfavors the enactment of laws that authorize a court to issue an extreme risk protection order, also known as Red Flag laws, in the States because such laws trample on an individual’s due process and Second Amendment rights.”

But this triggered Cicilline to call the defense of Americans’ constitutional rights “bullshit”.

Yahoo News reports: The congressman complained that Republicans believe people who pose an “imminent danger to themselves and others, such as they might commit mass murder, have a constitutional right to access a firearm. And to deny them that right would, quote, ‘trample on an individual’s due process and second amendment rights.’”

“You know who didn’t have due process?” Cicilline continued. “You know who didn’t have their constitutional right to life respected? The kids at Parkland, and Sandy Hook, and Uvalde and Buffalo, and the list goes on and on.”

“So spare me the bulls— about constitutional rights.”

At this point, Gaetz attempted to interrupt Cicilline asking “will the gentleman yield?”

“I will not yield, and I’m not gonna yield for my entire 5 minutes, so don’t ask again,” Cicilline responded.


    • I’m originally from Rhode Island and this piece of shit has been like that since he started in local politics. His first office was Mayor of a small town which he bankrupted in 18 months with his leftist policies. The taxpayers ended up bailing out the city.

  1. He should be jailed for THEFT, of my LIFE!

    I dont care about his! nor does “his” POLICE!

  2. All I see is the creation of huge black markets for guns. Just like Joe Kennedy created during the prohibition of alcohol. In Canada. To benefit his family. And the mob.

  3. Another liberal bashing the Constitution even though he took an oath to uphold it.
    What a surprise. He’s got to go. Maybe he can get a job twirling a sign for a fast food restaurant.

  4. democrats always are guilty of what they are projecting on other people. it is amazing to me.

  5. Look up The Patriarca crime family, based in Boston and Rhode Island. They have a whole Wikipedia page. Maybe this mug is working for them, because he doesn’t give a rats ass about the american people, or he would not be setting us up without any means to defend ourselves against the greedy, corrupt, filthy Judases who run politics in america and get all their funding from the devil himself.

  6. Look the Constitution has always been a con job The Amendments made after to rectify the original con job by enabling the people the right to equal force before an armed enemy state or nation domestic or foreign ate what the original con artists now want repealed. So they can move in and come out. Vale democracy. Heil Caesar.

  7. “Their [the Jesuit-Illuminati’s] goal is to rule the world. The doctrine of this group is not democracy or communism, but is a form of fascism. The doctrine is totalitarian socialism. You must begin to think correctly. The Illuminati are not Communists, but some Communists are Illuminati. (1) Monarchism (thesis) faced democracy (antithesis) in WW1, which resulted in the formation of communism and the League of Nations (synthesis). (2) Democracy and communism (thesis) faced fascism (antithesis) in WW2 and resulted in a more powerful United Nations (synthesis). (3) Capitalism (thesis) now faces communism (antithesis) and the result will be the New World Order, totalitarian socialism (synthesis).”

    -William Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse, p. 79.

    • It will MANIFEST in the new world disguised Baronial Feudalism all serving under the King being the Pope as the centralised socialist /actually totalitarian communist Government They will own everything including the Barons and their estates All at the Pope’s sufferance.of the people How much he grants them.

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