Democrat Campaign Signs Placed on Conservative Property, Complete With Razor Blade Booby Traps

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Democrat campaign signs placed on property without permission, complete with razor blade boobytraps

Democrat operatives planted political signs at a property in southeastern Pennsylvania with booby-trapped razor blades, police have confirmed.

Upper Makefield Township police confirmed on Sunday that a campaign sign for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro was placed without permission on a person’s property, and while trying to remove it the resident found that razor blades had been “placed around the perimeter of the sign.”

“Obviously, this was designed to inflict punishment on anyone who attempted to remove the sign,” police said in a statement. reports: Police said they inspected all campaign signs and found razor blades placed around the perimeter of signs for two other Democratic candidates, John Fetterman and Ashley Ehasz. Fetterman is running for U.S. Senate and Ehasz for U.S. House.

Police said their investigation continues and warned residents to exercise caution in removing signs placed on their property without permission, and to call them if “any implements” have been installed on the signs.

“Over the past election cycles, we have dealt with theft of signs, vandalism of signs, neighbor disputes, etc., but this is the first time we have dealt with this situation,” police in the Bucks County community said, calling it “totally unacceptable and a disgusting act.”

“No matter your political affiliation, no matter your candidate preference, resorting to this type of depravity is unacceptable and criminal. We can do better and must,” police said.