Democrat University Professor Arrested For Sodomizing His Dog

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Democrat professor arrested for sodomizing dogs

A Democrat University professor has been charged with two counts of sodomy after attempting to have sex with his pet dog.

The Michigan Attorney General’s Office charged Joseph Hattey, 51, for penetrating the basset hound with his hands and penis. reports: The Lansing State Journal reports Hattey could face up to 15 years in jail if convicted. A preliminary hearing is set for June 21 to determine if enough evidence exists for Hattey to stand trial.

According to MSU’s website, Hattey works within the University’s Environmental Health and Safety office and has worked in the school’s Veterinarian Diagnostic Laboratory.

The arrest came following an investigation from animal control and the local sheriff’s office.

Hattey has plead not guilty. “These are merely allegations that have not been proven,” his attorney, Alexander Rusek, said in a statement.

The dog, a basset hound, is currently in the custody of Ingham County Animal Control.