Soros: Trump Is Single-Handedly Destroying The World I Created

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Soros says Trump is destroying the world he created

Billionaire globalist George Soros has angrily lashed out at Donald Trump, accusing the President of single-handedly destroying the world he created.

The 87-year-old Hillary Clinton mega-donor accused Trump of being “willing to destroy the world” he and his cronies spent decades trying to create, adding that “everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.” reports:  ‘The bigger the danger, the bigger the threat, the more I feel engaged to confront it,’ Soros said Thursday in an interview with The Washington Post.

He had just finished an appearance at the Human Rights Watch conference in Zurich, Switzerland.

‘So in that sense, yes, I redouble my efforts,’ he added.

Soros was a charitable contributor to the Hilary Clinton campaign, and the billionaire has pushed for heavy donations to various campaign across the globe that push globalism.

But lately, he has been faced with a slew of attacks from the likes of Roseanne Barr to Vladmir Putin claiming things such as him being a Nazi sympathizer and controlling the Democratic Party.

‘It makes it very difficult for me to speak effectively because it can be taken out of context and used against me,’ Soros stated.

Soros is still in shock that Trump won the election, something he didn’t see happening.

‘Apparently, I was living in my own bubble,’ he said.

Soros plans to spend roughly $15million in the 2018 elections but has already faced some rejections as several of his bids for district attorneys in California lost their elections on Tuesday.

‘We ran into a brick wall in California,’ he added.

The billionaire describes Trump as a ‘marcissist’ who ‘considers himself all-powerful.

He doesn’t agree with fellow billionaire Tom Steyer’s efforts to impeach Trump, only believing Democrats capable of doing so with the help of Republicans in Congress.

Soros refused to endorse any candidates for the 2020 Democratic primaries for president.

He was adamant, however, to voice his discontent for Senator Gillibrand of New York.

He felt that her work to push former senator Al Franken to resign after several women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct was ‘in order to improve her chances.’

Soros, a native of Hungary, has made his fortune by managing hedge funs and betting on currency changes.

He has given away billions to groups promoting human rights and other liberal causes.


  1. I have zero evidence for it, but my gut keeps telling me GS is a Roth stooge.
    Likewise i have zero evidence, but something tells me Merkel is a descendant of Roth Salomon of Vienna.

    These two are one layer before the depth of the rabbit hole.
    Both are perfect, cold blooded executers of a plan which is set by someone who commands them.
    Both are ugly, charismatic like psychopaths can be, active like an ever charged toy.
    Pathetic outside, totally shady behind it.

    Monarch programming? YES!

    • There is evidence out there, apparently. I heard the trust fund that supports his is also invested in by a group of Lords and Ladies of mainly ‘British’ ancestory, of which Lord Rothschild is among them. The latter manages the investment trust, it was a while since I encountered that bit of info, and have no idea where I might have put a link for it.
      Which implies that Soros is more opportunistic than genius money maker, in this arrangement, and that his actions basically imply that he is subject to a smaller version of the East India Company. He’s therefore, by deduction on the implication, a puppet to prop up various NGOs and for the Media to aim us at with certain ideas to manipulate us.
      However since I find it compelling rather than a more certain reference, take with pinch of salt, good luck.

  2. well the world you created is a mess , and has been a mess since you started creating .It was a lot better before you entered the scene.There has never been peace ,and you and everyone of your class know perfectly well there never ever will be because its human nature always for spome ” alfie “type male or female to want to run the show and rule the roost and be boss of the pack and to remove any rivals. So cut the ” peace princess b/s and tell the truth Your way means your wealth.

  3. George Soros didn’t create any world. He was just trying to destroy it.

    But there came Trump, and he was simply better, smarter, stronger…and filthy rich too.

    Soros the former jubilated liberal darling billionaire is now a frustrated and jealous old man.

    • Absolutely! Soros is also an old Nazi who said his days in Hitler’s youth group were the happiest of his life, that he loved turning in his own people while he passed for a member of the mythical Aryan race, and that he hates America and everyone in it and looks forward to destroying the US and its citizens.
      He has a price on his head offered by Putin. Maybe we should catch him, put a big red bow on his head, and drop him off on the doorstep of the Kremlin for Putin’s birthday.

  4. Destroying anything Soros has created is a good thing, surely? This is a man who should have no legacy at all.

  5. he believes “The World I Created” – he had NOTHING to do with anything – But HELL is waiting for him with fire & brimstone.

    • Human Rights is simply a Cover Story…. A Ruse, but it appears that his “End Game” has “Nothing” to do with “Human Rights”, and everything to do with Reducing the population of the earth by a Huge percentage, and Enslaving the rest, to the benefit of a few Global Elites!!
      See UN “Agenda 21” and UN 2030 and their Endgame becomes “Crystal Clear”……. Ol’ Georgie Boy is the Grand Facilitator”!!

      • He loves the idea of exterminating people. He should have been prosecuted as a Nazi war criminal at the end of WWII, but his age, at that time, kept that from happening. Today, he wouldn’t have been so lucky.

  6. “The billionaire describes Trump as a ‘marcissist’ who ‘considers himself all-powerful.” That’s quite amusing coming from a man who is creating the world in his own image.

  7. *** One immediate and important EXECUTIVE ORDER of the President … “SHOULD’, be to REVOKE, RESCIND, and REMOVE The DUAL-Citizenship of George SOROS, in accordance with the McCarran-Walters Act of 1952, (UD-1955),.

  8. How is this man still alive? He should have been hanged after the war! He’s not a Nazi sympathiser….he’s a Nazi! Worse than a Nazi! He’s a Jew who worked with the Nazi’s stealing Jewish property! He’s a Capo! The Jews are still walking to the ovens!

  9. You demonic piece of shit you tried to destroy our country. You fund groups like ANTIFA and do your evil from behind behind the scenes trying to create your NEW WORLD ORDER. I hope you die a miserable death or your turned over to Russians which ever comes sooner you EVIL HATEFUL DECREPIT OLD NAZI.

  10. sorass is one of those who thrives on murder, rape , torture, pedophilia, Pain of any and all kinds. He will PAY FOR IT in eternity

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