Democrats Steal the Senate Amid Widespread Election Fraud

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Democrats steal the senate

The Democrats have declared victory in the bid to control the U.S. Senate after a batch of ballots from Las Vegas’ Clark County prompted the Associated Press to declare that Nevada incumbent Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto has defeated Adam Laxalt.

Amid widespread voter fraud during the midterm election cycle this year, Democrats have secured at least 50 seats plus the vice presidential tiebreaker vote, with an opportunity to secure another seat in the Dec. 6 Georgia runoff pitting Republican Herschel Walker against incumbent Raphael Warnock. reports: With Senate control no longer at stake, it seems likely that already-dull Republican enthusiasm for Trump-backed Walker will sag even more. 

The Arizona governor’s race remains tight, however. Unlike Friday night’s update — Saturday’s new tally brought some good news for the GOP, as Kari Lake trimmed Democrat Katie Hobbs’ lead to 34,129 votes. Hobbs is up 50.7% to 49.3%

There are still about 300,000 votes yet to be counted in Arizona, with the great majority coming from two counties: Maricopa, which is home to Phoenix, and Pima County, where Tucson is found.  

Appearing on CNN Saturday evening, Arizona Assistant Secretary of State Allie Bones said rural counties are largely done, and that Maricopa County will give more tallies on both Sunday and Monday. She said it was unclear if Pima will release any more results until Monday. 

Maricopa figures especially heavy. So far, Hobbs is leading Maricopa 52.1% to 47.9%. However, the Saturday batch favored Lake 51.8% to 48.2%, and her campaign hopes the next batches lean harder in her direction to push her to a dramatic 11th-hour victory.  

That may very much be the case. According to Arizona pollster and data analyst Landon Wall, the sequence by which Maricopa has been counting ballots means that tallies are increasingly coming from more Republican-friendly Phoenix suburbs and exurbs.  

According to Bones, of the outstanding Arizona votes, the vast majority are so-called “late earlies” — early-voting ballots that voters completed but then brought to a polling station on Election Day rather than mailing them in. Trump wonthat particular flavor of Maricopa votes in 2020.  

“It’s not a question that [Republicans] will win the next batches. Only a question of how much,” tweeted ABC15 political analyst Garrett Archer, a former elections analyst for the Arizona secretary of state.   

The Arizona race isn’t the only remaining drama: The House of Representatives is still in play too, with each party trying to hit the 218 seats needed to control the chamber. As of Saturday evening, most outlets put Republicans at 211 seats and Democrats at 204. There are 20 seats still uncalled, and each party has a lead in 10 of them. That makes GOP control likely but still far from certain.  

In one closely-watched but uncalled race, incumbent Colorado firebrand and gun-slinging Trump enthusiast Lauren Boebert, who’d surprisingly trailed her challenger in earlier counting, now has a 1,122-vote lead with 99% of ballots counted. If the lead remains that narrow, it would trigger an automatic recount under Colorado law.

By failing to flip the Senate, Republicans will now have to watch as Biden proceeds to populate the federal judiciary with more leftists. GOP senators also lose the much-anticipated opportunity to proceed with a variety of investigations, from the origins of the Covid-19 virus, to the government’s pandemic decision making, Hunter Biden’s influence-peddling, and more.  

Those investigations can still happen in the House — perhaps, on Covid, that could mean substituting double-MIT-degreed Rep. Thomas Massie for Dr. Rand Paul. 

On Friday, the top Republican on the House Oversight and Reform Committee told CBS he’s ready to subpoena Hunter Biden and his business records: 

“What Joe Biden said is, ‘Our son is innocent.’ If I were Hunter Biden, I’d want to come clear my name and make some Republicans look bad,” said Rep. James Comer. “So we’re gonna ask Hunter Biden to come before the committee. If he refuses, then I suspect that he would receive a subpoena.” 

…but that and other inquiries all hinge on the GOP’s ability to reach 218 seats in the coming days. 


  1. Liberals are so obvious now with their cheating. I wonder how much of a landslide it would have been if elections were fair, both for Trump and the midterms but from this point forward, G7 Countries will never have fair, legal elections again, only rigged Liberal elections just like any other dictatorship nation.

  2. The Theft and Corruption in all 50 States is widespread. It’s all slowly sliding out.

    Voting Machines and Mail In ballots must be banned from the electoral process.

  3. When they really started cooking all the electoral commissions they began running all these really close results and they did it all over the world Transparent as plastic bags. When they want to send a totalitarian message of complete control otter fascism then they have their team romp in by a lamdlside The top class all know how to read the results.


    Settle For Nothing Less

    FACT: Voting Machines record and count our votes in secret!
    FACT: Secret vote counting is UN-Constitutional!
    FACT: Machines Deprive Your Right to Public Elections!

    It’s up to YOU: Your Life — Our America — is about Your choices, OUR choices.

    There Is An Essential Principle of Freedom Underlying The Constitution for the United States of America and its imperative oversight by We the People: It’s the Principle of the Public Nature of America’s Elections.
    Without this Principle, neither Liberty nor a democratic Republic can exist.

    The Principle of the Public Nature of Elections Requires Every major step of the election process be conducted in Public and subject to Public Examination – that is, “known by, or open to the knowledge of, all or most people.” Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary, Second Edition.

    The Principle of Public elections emerges from Our Basic And Supreme Law, the Constitution’s voting provisions: Article I, Section 2, Clause 1, Article I, Section 4, Clause 1 and the 17th Amendment.

    Except for 45% of the voting precincts in New Hampshire, the essential steps in the voting process — the recording and counting of the votes — are conducted by machines and are no longer subject to public examination and observation by the voters, Anywhere in America.

    Again, computerized voting machines both record and count your votes, in secret using hidden, electronic devices and enigmatic, corporate-authored software algorithms, not subject to either public observation or examination.

    Indeed, given that voting machines (both mechanical and electronic) record and count the votes in secret, is there any practical difference between state mandated voting machines; and an “election” where all the ballots cast are gathered and quickly moved to a non-public location to be “counted”, in secret, by unknown persons?



    • Read Ypur original Constituin It was never legal The same parties signed for both America and England That’s illegal. Australia’s was, never properly ratified either etc etc globally

  5. Not really shocked, I knew this was going to happen. I know it is all due to election fraud.
    If we don’t make a huge stink about it now and reverse these fake results, there will be no more Constitutinal Republic.
    Do you people hear what I am saying. We are finished as a constitutional republic, and things will go south real quick.
    I mean really evil stuff will happen.

    • What was done in 2020 is irreversible. If they can cheat that election, they can cheat every election. And since the dems are in power, they will never be held accountable for what they have done. There’s no concievable way we can ever have free and fair elections ever again. America is done.

      We are in a spiritual battle, not a political one.

      Prayer for the Reign of Glory on Earth (27 July 1998)

      “Children, live the life of your consecration now. You will learn much from Me . . . you will go safely in the hour that is coming . . . you will know when, who, and what to do . . . The manifestation of the Red Dragon and the antichrist in this last hour of this age pierced My Heart greatly during My ministry on earth and even more when I was about to breathe My last on the Cross.

      As I hung on the Cross, I envisaged the proud Dragon. It boasted to reign on earth forever . . . I silently offered My Father this prayer for the downfall of the enemy of the Cross…My children, through this prayer the antichrist and the Red Dragon and his agents will have a short hour of reign on earth. The more you pray, the shorter the hour of their reign on earth.”

      O loving and merciful Father. You are all knowledgeable and all-powerful. Oh Alpha! Oh Omega! Creator of all things. You are eternal, Father. Father, why are you forsaking me? Look kindly on Your only-begotten Son Jesus Christ, Who came to save your people and bring Your Kingdom down on earth. I offer You all the agonies, tortures, pains, and Precious Blood of Your only Son, Jesus Christ, for the defeat of all the enemies of the Holy Cross of salvation; the antichrist and the Red Dragon who are fighting or will fight against the truth now and in the end of the age. May they, through the Precious Blood of Our Redeemer and His last breath on earth, disappear like foam exposed under the sun, so that Your Kingdom will quickly come on earth. Amen. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ – Thy Kingdom come. Amen.

  6. Engelbrecht and Phillips from True The Vote say they have proof that the 2020 elections were tabulationed from a single computer in China. This stinks of McConnell and his rotten China wife!

  7. Something nasty is coming for the evil cheating seditious anti-American hate filled democrats and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

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