Calls Mount To Arrest Deep State Stooge John Brennan for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

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Calls mount to arrest John Brennan for crimes against humanity

Calls are mounting to arrest former CIA Director John Brennan for “crimes against humanity” over his role in the kidnapping and torturing Americans.

“What do you say to the critics who still care about America not being the police of the world and not doing rendition and torture and kidnapping Americans?” Journalist Derrick Broze asked Brennan following a speech at the World Affairs Council in Houston on Wednesday. reports: “I would say get your facts right. Because all the facts you’ve said are wrong,” Brennan replied.

As Broze continued asking about Brennan’s involvement in torture, drone, and surveillance programs, the former CIA chief was swarmed by security and led away from the scrutiny.

“You’re a war criminal, Brennan! You’re a war criminal! And the students need to know that. You approve torture — mass surveillance of Americans. And he continues to spread propaganda.”

A 2014 Senate report concluded torture sanctioned by the CIA between 2002-2007 was ineffective, “barbaric,” and “abhorrent.”

After former CIA contractor Edward Snowden exposed the federal governments unconstitutional mass surveillance programs in 2013, Brennan defended the practice as “important to American lives” despite the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) finding no instances of the program stopping a terrorist attack.

Brennan also went on to carry out unsanctioned drone strikes – some against American citizens – under Obama’s direction in numerous Middle Eastern and African countries while CIA Director.

Brennan was forced to apologize in 2014 for illegally surveilling Senate computers.

Brennan is now a contributor for MSNBC.