Democrats Warn Summers Are NOT Supposed To Be Hot: “Increased Temperatures Aren’t Normal”

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Dems now warning that summers aren't supposed to be hot

Democrat lawmakers have declared that “hot summers are not normal” and have warned that the increased temperatures indicate that a catastrophic event is looming.

Yes, really.

According to Democrats and the mainstream media, last month was the hottest month on Earth since record-keeping began more than 40 years ago.

On the other hand, 24/7 Wall St claims, “Across the US, this will be one of the coolest summers in years. In some parts of the country, the entire season may have temperatures below normal.” reports: Which is it? Hotter than normal or cooler than normal? Global warming or global cooling? For the left, calling it “climate change” covers all bases — hot, cold, wet, dry, snow, heat, storms, floods, tornadoes — all evidence of constantly changing short-term weather and long-term climate. In other words, climate change is perfectly normal, occurring long before any human activity.

Today’s weather should be labeled, using gender language, as “non-binary,” neither too hot nor too cold, any variation identifying as climate change.

We have had ice ages relatively recently in terms of the Earth’s age, the last one ending ten thousand years ago. The planet cooled and then warmed significantly long before humans existed. That is climate change. What caused it then and are the same forces at play now?

So what if it was the hottest July 4 in 40 years? The earth is 4.5 billion years old. Could it have been hotter 100 years ago? 1000 years ago? 1 million years ago? It’s the ultimate in hubris to assume history began 40 years ago when we started such temperature measurements.

Even the left-wing Washington Post questioned this myopic view of history, “Why the Dust Bowl was hotter than this heat wave, despite global warming.”

While this past July 4 was the hottest in 40 years, what if was hotter 80 or 800 years ago? What is the “normal” temperature for July 4 at any particular location? Unless that can be defined, how do we know if a temperature is above or below normal?

This tweet by Tony Heller describes how it was much hotter in 1936 than today, despite media gaslighting to the contrary, “The percentage of the US to reach 100F this year is currently at a record low 18%, down from 79% in 1936.” Sounds like we are cooling rather than warming.

Patrick Moore, ecologist and Greenpeace co-founder, addressed this question in this graph featured on Twitter. Note how the turquoise temperature line varied significantly over the past half billion years, with current global temperatures far cooler than average.

Looking back not 40, but 570 million years. Temperatures today are relatively low, cooler than normal over the last half billion years. It is interesting that carbon dioxide levels are concerningly low.

Further CO2 reduction initiatives by the Biden Administration and the globalists are potentially dangerous, depriving the Earth of vital plant food. With more mouths to feed, stifling plant growth may lead to mass starvation. Is that a bug or feature of net zero initiatives?

Non-climate scientist Hillary Clinton offered a new theory as to why it’s hot in the summer. MAGA Republicans.

She recently tweeted, “Hot enough for you? Thank a MAGA Republican. Or better yet, vote them out of office.”

Her tweet was in response to a tweet from CAP Action stating, “MAGA Republicans are pouring fuel on the climate crisis fire.” This tweet cited heat waves and temperature records, blaming Republicans.

Republicans currently hold little power in Washington, D.C. A Democrat was elected president in 2020 and Democrats controlled both houses of Congress for the next two years. In the 2022 midterm elections, Republicans won the House, but Democrats still control the White House and Senate, meaning that “hot enough for you”, contrary to Mrs. Clinton’s assertions, is happening on Democrats’ watch.

In response to Clinton, if it’s too hot, thank socialist Democrats and vote them out of office.

A year ago, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act, which included Democrats’ wet dream of the “green new deal.” The reality, to which Democrats and the media are oblivious, is that the recent heat wave and so-called record-breaking temperatures are happening on their watch.

Republicans, MAGA or otherwise, are not in charge. Democrats are. They passed legislation a year ago that was supposed to stop or prevent all this. Rather than blaming themselves, they are accusing phantom bogey men, “MAGA Republicans” for our hot summer.

Facts and reality will not stop the Left. Instead of acknowledging that summers are hot, and that the Earth’s climate is constantly changing, they will blame their go-to social or political justice phantoms, particularly racism. Anything they disagree with is racist.

From the BBC, “Global heating: Study shows impact of ‘climate racism’ in US.” Or from the once-prestigious scientific journal Nature, “Racism is magnifying the deadly impact of rising city heat.” From Yes!, “How white supremacy intensifies summer heat.” And from the New York City Health Department via the NY Post, “Structural racism makes heat waves more dangerous for black New Yorkers, city says.”

The reality is that summers are hot, some hotter than others. And that a long historical perspective is important when discussing temperature records. Just as with temperatures, 40 days of sobriety is far different than 40 years of sobriety. And lastly, how about some healthy humility that humans are not omnipotent, incapable of controlling weather and sea levels?

Where is the climate model that in retrospect accurately predicted the last billion years of climate variation? Using unvalidated climate models to predict future temperatures is scientific folly.

All the predictions of the world ending in 10 years have fallen flat.  Continued nonsense spewed from public figures like Hillary Clinton further erodes scientific credibility especially after health authorities lied about all things COVID to further a political and control agenda.

Leave it to Democrats to further corrupt and pollute science over laughable climate claims.

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