Texas Teacher Fired For Telling Students Not To Judge Pedophiles Who Rape 5-Year-Olds

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Sex ed teachers who made 1st graders watch masturbation video ousted from school

A Texas school teacher has been fired after she was caught on tape instructing students not to judge adults who have sex with children, and to stop calling them “pedophiles” because the term might hurt their feelings.

According to Amber Parker, 53, who taught English at Franklin High School in El Paso, pedophiles should be referred to as “minor attracted persons” to preserve their dignity.

Parker, who has been indoctrinating young children for decades, was sacked from her job after making the comments in class which were captured on video and subsequently shared to social media. 

During the 18-second long clip that was posted to TikTok, Parker can be heard telling students: “Stop calling them that! You’re not allowed to label people like that. Stop it, Diego. We’re not gonna call them that.”

Parker can be heard instructing her English students in the clip: “We’re gonna call them MAPs, minor attracted persons. So don’t judge people just because they wanna have sex with a five-year-old.”

Woke liberals promote the term minor attracted persons because it allows people to escape the “stigma” attached to the word pedophile.

The school district was immediately informed of the incident, which occurred last week – and an investigation was launched, initially leading to Parker’s suspension.  

Daily Mail report: El Paso’s Independent School District board of trustees, led by Superintendent Diana Sayavedra, then unanimously voted to fire Parker following her controversial remarks.

Liza Rodriguez said Friday: “After a thorough investigation was conducted, on September 6, 2022, during a Special Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees approved a decision to notify a Franklin High School teacher of proposed termination.

“Any allegation of potential misconduct is investigated thoroughly, and the safety of our students is a top priority.”

It wasn’t clear in what context the discussion had been taking place, however students have said it was all part of a class debate as they prepared to read The Crucible.

Some students and parents were quick to defend the teacher – who believed that the clip did not represent Parker’s beliefs and the conversation was taken out of context.

But others blasted her for her words. And after an investigation, school authorities also concluded that her conduct deserved further punishment. 

Parker is now on paid administrative leave pending termination, it’s understood.  

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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    • 1 she wasn’t fired If you read.
      2 she probably won’t be because she was simply doing her job following the curruculum guidelines and teaching the correct English phrase as per her instructions REGADLESS of her personal beliefs or views..
      3 the school has been instructed that they ARE NOT allowed to tell parents that the term MAPS is part of the curriculum because then the parent might get a clue, and that’s not allowed.
      4 She’s on fill pay and once the journalists rack off then she will most likely be back at work and the stupid journalists will have mover in to the next attention baiting story to flog advertisements with.

      • Apparently you did not read the article. Because of teachers unions, it is difficult to fire a teacher, so they have to do an investigation. To me the most disturbing part is that some of the parents defended her.
        “investigation was launched, initially leading to Parker’s suspension.
        “Parker is now on paid administrative leave pending termination

      • “El Paso’s Independent School District board of trustees, led by Superintendent Diana Sayavedra, then unanimously voted to fire Parker following her controversial remarks.”

  1. She taught at high school and the Crucible s usually taught to upper high school students, often in their final year. So she said it to most likey 17 year olds and the articles quite deceptive using the picture of 6 year olds
    But who taught her to use the term maps? Which curriculum council members ate instructing senior teachers to use that as the correct term? That is the question. Obviously it’s coming from a legal source. Who could that be?

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