World’s Top Astrophysicist Declares Climate-Cultists Are ‘Scamming Public for Money’

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Top astrophysicist declares climate change science to be a massive money-making scam

Top UK Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn stunned a TV interviewer on Friday when he declared that climate-cultists are “scamming the public for money.”

Corbyn – a physicist, meteorologist, and elder brother of former UK Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn – explained to an RT news anchor that the climate “has always been changing, but this has nothing to do with man”

The astrophysicist says he believes that changes in the Earth’s climate and its weather are dictated primarily by cyclical activity on the surface of the sun (and have nothing to do with man-made carbon emissions). 

“For one thing science doesn’t do settled opinions,” Corbyn said. 

“And for another they are all wrong.” reports: “Surely man has something to with this,” exclaims the struggling new anchor, to which Corbyn responds:

“No, the only connection is that man is here at the same time as the sun and the moon are doing things.”

The frustrated anchor falls back to consensus, asking “so how come then that so many climate change scientists disagree with you and they get so much support for that?”

Corbyn’s laughing response was straightforward:

“…those that say this are just trying to make money… They’re on a gravy train for heaven’s sake.”

Watch the brief interview below:

Finally, we note that in former UK PM Boris Johnson once lauded Corbyn as “the world’s foremost meteorological soothsayer”.

We suspect this is the last time Mr.Corbyn will be allowed on TV…


  1. Exactly Once you don’t play along with their lies they send you to Coventry. And because, they’re all liars and frauds and deceivers they think it’s great fun
    And that’s their good qualities. That IS their virtues.

  2. The definition of scientist is; A person or persons who are highly paid to declare a problem and research the alleged scientific evidence to support it.

  3. Again, on my farm, which is 45 miles from NYC is busting with life, including bears, foxes, coyotes and then your regular common animals, oh and raccoons,
    the vegetation is thick and green, lush.
    Nothing wrong here with the environment.

  4. it is impossible that the sea level is rising in some remote island chain and not everywhere on the planet unless your are talking high tide and low tide.
    If sea levels changed then the FAA will have to change their base line mean sea level figure and pressure which is 29.92″hg.
    They don’t follow thru with their lies.
    If CO2 in increasing, which it is not, then Oxygen would be decreasing, which it is not.
    People there is not CO2 issue, there is no increase in temp due to big bad man.
    Stop being so dum.

  5. He is way way outside his field of study and as 99% of astrophysic`s is theoretical and not the studys of meteurologics He is the ONE who seems to be on the gravy train as he is doing all the talking.There are many factors that effect CO2.the VOLCANICAL ERUPTIONS on jan 15th 2022 in hunga tonga hunga HA~APAI produced much more CO2 than any eruption of late and did some things NASA its self said they have never seen before.Humans emit around 29 billion tons of CO2 per year only 1% of present CO2 whereas VOLCANOES have allways been the biggest source of CO2 around 0.13-0.44 billion metric tons of CO2 per year with 30 historically active vocano`s producing 6.4 million tons per year and 550 total actives producing 117 million tons per year and volcanic lakes producing 94 million tons of CO2 per year.TONGA was the biggest CO2 producing factor this year with total whiteout worldwide plus the five melted down reactors still leaking along with many other reactors leaking plus the 5G there are many factors effecting our weather and humans can`t just write off all of them to natural forces.NUCLEAR is a huge danger as is upgrading the broadcast levels all the time and endless jet flight patterns.We can help but most of the CO2 is from the volcanic

    • And all life is formed from carbon. Your right about Uranium and jet s. They both should be banned. Lithium batteries and solar panels are going to be an environmental. Disaster.
      Greed is the evil on this planet All those that worship greed, that they politely call creating wealth and pretend is a good thing They know they’re building debts. .

  6. ONLY 1% of the present CO2 is from humans but as we go green we also effect the earth in bad ways also endless mines and left over garbage REFRACTION from solar thermal loss from heated houses and roof refactionals also heat things up

  7. UK pride. UK represents!

    World’s Top Astrophysicist Declares Climate-Cultists Are ‘Scamming Public for Money’

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