Video: Demon Goat Terrified Citizens In Argentina

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Demonic goat terrifies Argentinian residents

A demon goat with a human-like face has left residents in a rural Argentinian town ‘terrified’ that the devil has sent them a warning.

Video of the bizarre creature has gone viral on social media.

It was extraordinary, this goat was born deformed but we don’t know why,” Local resident Gladys Oviedo told the El Chorrillero newspaper. reports:

The so-called ‘demon goat’ was one of three kids born to Oviedo’s goat in the village of Los Quemados at approximately 8:30pm local on Tuesday, roughly 210km from the city of San Luis in La Rioja province.

“I noticed the deformity straight away. It had bulges over its eyes and a raised chin, but apart from that it was normal,”Oviedo said.

The goat only survived for roughly three hours, however.

“When we took it back from the field, it began bleating. I said that once we arrived home I would give it milk with a spoon but I noticed it was having difficulty breathing and soon after it died,” Oviedo explained.

“I have no idea how it was born this way, but it certainly drew a lot of attention,” she concluded.