Former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein: Nothing Unusual About Epstein Suicide

Fact checked
Former deputy AG Rod Rosenstein claims there is nothing unusual about Epstein's suicide

Former US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein insists “suicides” like Jeffrey Epstein’s are completely normal.

In a comment on Twitter, Rosenstein suggested such suicides are par for the course as “stopping people from harming themselves is difficult.”

“Pedophiles facing federal criminal charges are at high risk for suicide,” Rosenstein tweeted. “It happened in several of my Maryland cases when defendants were released on bail. Detained pedophiles require special attention. Stopping people from harming themselves is difficult.”

Information Liberation reports: Epstein had special attention and was not released on bail.

He was under 24/7 suicide watch and monitored both by CCTV and a physically present guard before they reportedly took him off suicide watch and his guards magically stopped checking on him last night, in direct violations of their protocols. 

As a reminder, Rosenstein is the one who appointed Robert Mueller to lead the Russia witch hunt based off mere speculative rumors.