Detective Murdered After Exposing High-Level Gov’t Pedophile Ring

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This is what happens if you dare to expose elite pedophile rings

A former South African police detective and author of a book that exposed a massive pedophile ring made up of high-level government officials was found dead with a gunshot wound to his head earlier this month.

He was murdered last week just nine days after publishing his book exposing a government pedophile ring that murdered children

Officials are claiming his death is suicide, but his family say that he told them he would never kill himself warning that people were after him because he was about to expose even more high-level government pedophiles.

The Free Thought Project reports; Mark Minne, author of the controversial book ‘The Lost Boys of Bird Island’ devoted his post-police life to exposing the corruption and horrifying pedophilia he discovered while working as a detective. Minnie and his good friend Chris Steyn, also a former cop turned investigative journalist, worked together on the book to expose a government and business community who took children to Bird Island where they were abused, and some possibly murdered.

The book details the level of their involvement in the pedophile ring, abuse of the children, alleged acts of murder to cover up the crimes, as well as corruption and abuse of high-level state resources by the network’s members.

The book details the corruption within the last Apartheid government of South Africa and implicated officials all the way to the top, including defense minister Magnus Malan and the minister of environmental affairs John Wiley.

Before his death, Minnie announced that he was approached by many more people with even more damning evidence which he planned to reveal in a sequel of the book. However, he died before he could finish it.

The book was published earlier this month on August 5 and only nine days later, Minnie would be found dead. Officials claim they found a suicide note at the scene, but his family says they don’t believe it at all.

Tersia Dodo, a family member of Minnie told reporters that just days before he died that if anything happened to him, they must know he was killed.

“He mentioned to us all the time that his life was in danger and if anything did happen to him we must know that it was done to him not by himself,” she said.

Dodo says Minnie was being watched and feared for his life because he had more information which would’ve exposed even more people.

“I knew about the book for many years and I knew what he had been through, it really played him that he had seen and been involved with the investigation surrounding the book,” Dodo told SABC.

Dodo came forward on her own after she saw the suicide narrative being played out in the media. She said she was compelled to do so, to dispel the myths.

“Mark was not a coward, Mark faced life head on,” she said. There is no ways that I or any of us believed that he would have opted out and that is why I agreed to do this interview to dispel any thoughts and rumors of suicide. He was not the type of man that was cowardly and that would do something like that.”

As for the note police allegedly found next to Minnie’s body, Dodo believes it is either fake, or was written under duress.

“I have said this from the beginning, this supposed suicide note was either written under duress and I would like to see it before I will believe it was written by Mark,” she said.


  1. yes and its world wide,at least in the West, and its done by the bureaucrats , far more than any elected public figures .Its the” secret government “operatives ,the public servants,and the most senior too, the most executive, who are the most likely to be involved And of course all married with children and good decent hard working community members Pillars of society in fact .

  2. Doing what needed to be done, knowing the risk in exposing truth. This is the mark of a real man, not one that would commit suicide, anyone that believes that is a damn fool. Many who could come forward remain sillent as cowards, and are accomplicies to the crimes they could expose. But this man was a becon of light.

  3. .. Every thing is being poisoned and killed we are next, thank the NWO controlled criminal Deep State government for the toxic food, water, chemtrail spray, geoengineering & directed energy weapons being used on us. This government is the enforcement arm of the .001% Zionist/Illuminati child traffickers who control and own the world. The governments work against the people, they do not work for the people, you are the enemy in their way for world domination.

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