Border Agents Arrest Illegal Alien Child Rapist in Texas

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Border Agents arrest child molesting illegal alien in Texas

U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested a convicted pedophile at a ranch in south Laredo on Tuesday.

Laredo South agents encountered a group of nine people walking through the brush inside a ranch property in south Laredo. One individual was identified as Francis Lima-Sanchez, a 27-year-old Guatemalan citizen who had crossed the border illegally. reports: A records check revealed Lima-Sanchez had a prior felony conviction for first-degree rape involving a minor younger than 13 years old in Southampton, New York. Records also revealed that Lima-Sanchez had an extraditable warrant out of Albany, New York, and was turned over to Webb County Sheriff’s Office, authorities said.

“Through this fiscal year to date, Laredo Sector agents have arrested 623 criminal (immigrants) throughout the Laredo area of responsibility. Our agents remain committed in their resolve to meet all threats at the border and to protect the citizens of this country from dangerous criminals,” Border Patrol said in a statement.


  1. Double edged sword Meanwhile corrupt officers in law enforcement and especially at the highest levels are actively facilitating enabling protecting and defending the biggest criminals in the world. As above so below Its all like a game where the real object is Thou Shall NOT Get CAUGHT. Their real. Commandment. That’s the fundamental real morality

  2. They can shoot a black kid in his car but they can’t shoot a known illegal alien rapist. We will do it. Just let him go. .

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