Judicial Watch Bombshell: At Least 1 Million Illegals Voted For Hillary

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Judicial Watch president confirms 1 million illegals voted for Hillary

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton says that over 1.1 million illegal aliens voted for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

According to Fitton, the avalanche of illegal votes for the Democratic nominee represents a clear and present danger for the Republican Party going forward.

Insisting that illegal immigrants are voting in large enough numbers to “change the outcome of elections,” Fitton says that the claim made by Trump that tens of millions illegally voted for Hillary is most likely true.

Infowars.com reports:  “By my estimation, we had about one and a half million illegal alien votes in the last election, 1.4 million by my guess,” said Fitton during a speech hosted by The Remembrance Project.

Of this number, Fitton said that about 80% vote for Democrats, with around 20% typically voting for Republicans.

“1.1 million by that calculation voted for Hillary Clinton….so we really face a crisis in this regard,” he warned.

“It’s one thing to lose your country because you have no borders, it’s another thing to lose your country because you have no vote,” said Fitton, adding that policy discussions were pointless “if elections are stolen through illegal votes”.

If a study that came out in June is accurate, Fitton may even be underplaying the amount of illegal immigrants who voted in the election.

Just Facts President James D. Agresti and his team of researchers looked at data from a Harvard/YouGov study which included a sample size of tens of thousands of voters, including non-citizens who admit they are not eligible to vote.

Agresti concluded that as many as 5.7 million illegals voted in 2008, a far higher figure than previously thought. In 2012, the figure was as high as 3.6 million.

“The details are technical, but the figure I calculated is based on a more conservative margin of sampling error and a methodology that I consider to be more accurate,” Mr. Agresti told The Washington Times.

After President Trump made the claim that votes by millions of illegal immigrants cost him the popular vote, he was lambasted by the press, who blamed an Infowars story published on November 14 in which we reported that around 3 million illegals voted.

Ever since then, Trump’s assertion that millions of illegals voted has been called a “fake news” conspiracy theory.


  1. All of us, including the DHS, would benefit greatly, and almost immediately, if the DHS directly targeted the groups which enable this false sense of entitlement. We have gotten into this mess because the people who represent the illegals are excellent at rhetoric and double speek.

  2. You’re vote doesn’t matter whether it;s legal or illegal. The elections have already been hijacked by both parties. How many voters really wanted to vote for either Trump or Hilldog, or would have preferred someone else?

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