President Biden Caught Groping Little Boy at Medals of Valor Ceremony (VIDEO)

Fact checked
President Joe Biden caught on camera groping a little boy

President Joe Biden on Monday openly groped a young boy in front of television cameras during a Public Safety Medals of Valor ceremony at the White House.

Creepy Joe couldn’t help himself and started molesting a young boy as soon as the opportunity arose.

Joe grabbed the little boy’s shoulders and began massaging him and rubbing his arm up and down.

Joe Biden has a history of sexually touching minors and women in front of cameras.

On this occasion, Biden decided to keep his hand on the child’s shoulder and then bent down and whispered something in his ear.


Why does the media continually ignore Biden’s perverted behavior?


  1. Daily Mail exposed it constantly but it had no effect. So it’s not that the mefia ignore it The law does

  2. If you think that is bad can you imagine what is on his kid’s laptop? These people are sick beyond imagination.

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