Dictionary to Remove the Word ‘Slave’ After Pressure From Leftists

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Dictionary to remove the word slave

The ‘woke’ leftists at Dictionary.com have announced that they are banning the word “slave” from the English language because it’s offensive.

As part of an ongoing leftist drive to be more “inclusive”, Dictionary.com will no longer include the word “slave” as a noun identifying a person, and will instead use the adjective “enslaved”.

Moonbattery.com reports: The word “slave” is to be canceled because leftists disapprove of it for being “dehumanizing.” Whether a word is included in the dictionary depends on how progressive ideologues think the word makes people feel.

Despite all the words our moonbat rulers have abolished, dictionaries won’t necessarily get smaller, because they also add terms.

The change is one of 7,600 updates the online resource has announced, which also include the addition of terms relevant to race, social justice and identity, such as “BIPOC” (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) and “Critical Race Theory.”

The latest updates — which also include capitalizing “Indigenous” when referring to people, and adding entries for “racialization,” “disenfranchisement” and “overpolice” — follow those announced last September. That round of revisions saw the capitalization of the word Black in reference to people, and the addition of terms relevant to mental health (specifically, suicide and addiction) and LGBTQ identity.

Nothing escapes politicization under our system of totalitarian leftism, least of all language, where progressives have aggressively implemented the strategy George Orwell mapped out in 1984 of controlling our thoughts by manipulating our vocabulary.

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