Video: Man Paints “Welcome To Cleveland” On His Roof… In Milwaukee

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A jokester has painted a massive “Welcome to Cleveland” sign on his roof. There is only one problem: landing planes full of confused passengers fly over his house daily…..but he lives in Milwaukee, not Cleveland!

According to GeoBeats News:

Milwaukee artist and photographer Mark Gubin painted ‘Welcome to Cleveland’ on his studio roof in 1978 as a tongue-in-cheek joke, and it has been amusing and confusing the airline passengers who fly overhead since then.

An artist and photographer has been displaying his sense of humor on the outside his studio for decades. In 1978, when Mark Gubin realized his building was on a well-traveled flight path to and from Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he decided to play a joke on airplane passengers by painting his roof with the greeting, “Welcome to Cleveland.”

The six-foot tall block letters he originally painted in white and has since filled in with some yellow are highly visible from above. Gubin has admitted that the prank was purely for fun and that “There’s not a real purpose for having this here except madness.” His intended goal worked, as airline passengers have been tricked into thinking they missed a layover and are, indeed, flying over Cleveland.

Apparently, staff on certain airline routes would have to point out the deceptive sign to allay any concerns. The only official notice he has received was from the then-town council president who sent him a letter about the mayhem the sign was causing but didn’t request its removal. The decades-old joke has recently enjoyed a new audience via Twitter.

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