Video: Hopes Of Finding Life On Mars Sparked By New Discovery

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Life on Mars? While it hasn’t been discovered yet, scientists have conducted a study which points to evidence it will someday be found. Methane discovered on Martian meteorites is the key.

According to GeoBeats News:

Life on Mars has yet to be discovered, but a recent study concerning the presence of methane in 6 Martian meteorites furthers the hope that someday it could be.

Methane was found within the interior pockets of 6 meteorites originating from the Red Planet.

The gas is known to have life-supporting abilities, and right here on Earth there are bacteria that survive on it.

They often live in the methane rich yet oxygen deprived sludge found at the bottom of lakes and rivers.

As those organisms thrive beneath the planet’s surface here, scientists posit there could be some on Mars doing the same.

According to one of the study’s authors, “Even if Martian methane does not directly feed microbes, it may signal the presence of a warm, wet, chemically reactive environment where life could thrive.”

The underground habitat he describes is markedly different than the one existing on the surface of Mars.

It’s constantly being pummeled by radiation and its temperatures drop as low minus 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The meteorites used in the study were gathered from numerous museums. They were crushed and then analyzed by taking readings of gasses emitting from them.

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