Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer Says Vaccinations “Not Performing As Well As Hoped”

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Dr Tony Holohan Ireland's CMO

Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan has said that the vaccinations are “not performing as well as hoped” in reducing the transmission of Covid-19.

He said that while Ireland’s high vaccination rate has prevented thousands of hospital admissions, that the jabs alone were not enough to stop the spread of the disease.

Halohan’s comments come as Health Minister Stephen Donnelly said the Covid situation is going to get worse before it gets better.

MSN reports: He said: “Unfortunately, in crude terms, the vaccinations have probably done a little better than we might have hoped in terms of preventing severe infection.

“They have performed and held up their performance really well in protecting people from the severe effects of the disease.

“In truth they are probably not performing as well as we might have hoped in terms of preventing transmission.

“There is an impact on transmission by and to people who are vaccinated,  but it’s not as great as we might like.

“It is possible for people who are infected, and who were vaccinated, to be infected and to transmit that infection.”

Ireland has among the highest vaccination rates in the world, with around 93% of adults and 75% of the entire population now double-jabbed.

But he said this had not curbed the spread of the virus from person to person “to the extent that we would have liked”.

“That has to then be be taken into account in our collective behaviour,” he told a briefing of the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet) on Wednesday.

He said: “The suppression that we’re seeing (from vaccination)… unfortunately, it’s just not quite enough on its own to suppress the transmission of the virus that has a natural transmission capability as high as Delta.

“This is a really highly transmissible virus.”

He added: “We have prevented in this country thousands of hospitalisations, hundreds if not more deaths and hundreds of ICU admissions, than would have occurred in this wave, by virtue of the high levels of people who are vaccinated.

“What we’re not able to prevent through that vaccination is the wave of transmission.”

Dr Holohan said no country in the world would be able to dispense with all Covid-19 restrictions through the process of vaccination alone.

The CMO did not rule out the introduction of further restrictions if case numbers and hospitalisation rates continue to grow.

However, he said it could be possible to “turn around” the situation, if there was an improvement in adherence to basic public health measures across the population.

He cited hand washing, mask wearing and remaining at home if symptomatic as key measures the public should continue to adhere to.


  1. I’ve been saying for the last almost 20 years that people should just stay home now. But they can’t Their own company makes them suucudally depressed They have to get out to escape to be free from themselves and their “loved ones” otherwise they become homicidal.

  2. Two or three weeks ago my doctor said that anyone with a medical degree is incapable of doing anything dishonest or unethical, because in the first place they chose their profession so they could help people. The way he said it sounded like he really believed it.

      • A Dr who was treating a mature aged male at home was also having an affair ie rooting the patients wife but he was interrupting them and spoiling their fun so together they decided that the Dr would decide it was necessary to cut the man’s legs off For his own good naturally Well he overheard their plan and so next time the good Dr came a calling he simply shot him to death. Course the Courts weren’t sympathetic and now the wife’s got everything, and no doubt a good root too.

    • At least half the people that go for that position are sadists. So you might want to start looking at your dr sideways.

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