Democrats Continue to Firebomb Pregnancy Clinics Nationwide – No Arrests Made

Fact checked
Dems continue to firebomb pregnancy clinics nationwide without any arrests being made

Democrat activists are pledging to ignore the Supreme Court ruling to hand back abortion laws to States, and have vowed to burn all pregnancy centers in America down to the ground.

The ‘night of rage’ appears to be turning into an entire Summer, yet again. All endorsed by the Biden regime.

WATCH: reports: An Antifa mob in Portland even attacked a clinic that isn’t anti-abortion. The Mother and Child Education Center executive director Maura White told Fox News “They lumped us in with them,” adding “We’re not anti-abortion.”

Anything with the words ‘mother and child’ or ‘pregnancy’ on its sign seems to be a viable target for these morons.

When the Antifa thugs learned they had attacked a pro-choice centre, they stood by the action, reasoning that the executive director is a “liberal catholic democrat.”

They also smashed up a Starbucks for the hell of it, even though the company has pledged to financially aid abortion travel: