Disclosure Soon? Media Says Planet X May Cause “Mass Extinctions”

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Planet X - mainstream media say mysterious Planet could cause mass extinctionsPlanet X - mainstream media say mysterious Planet could cause mass extinctions

Even the most casual reader of alternative news and theories has come across information about a so-called “Planet X“, or as it is more popularly known in New Age circles, “Planet Nibiru”.

The things written about this mysterious tenth planet (or ninth, if you do not count Pluto) vary slightly but have some core characteristics:

  1. “Planet X” orbits far outside of any known path in our solar system
  2. The planet harbors some sort of message or means of change (be in exclusively natural like an Earthquake or it is home to a race of ET’s who seek to enlighten the human race)
  3. It’s not a good thing when this planet circles over Earth – insert death and/or ET invasion here
  4. Planet X becomes visible every few thousands of years

For decades, any such notion of this mysterious Planet X were completely and utterly dismissed as conspiracy fantasy. The idea of something undiscovered by humans seemed to outrage the upper echelons of both the media and scientific community.

Until a few months ago, when, practically inexplicably, the narrative completely changed and the mainstream media started openly talking about this “new” discovery of a “mysterious” planet. And, guess what they call it? Planet X! You seriously couldn’t make up this stuff (it also goes to show you how utterly and completely stupid the elite think us peasants are).

Easing Humanity Into The Reality of Planet X

When this marvelous “discovery” (which was anything but) was announced, most outlets reported that there was nothing to worry about. They also told us that they were only “pretty sure” the planet exists, but it most likely does exist and is on a very strange axis compared to other planets. Oh, and it also may signal the apocalypse and the end of life on Earth as we know it.

OK, I am sort-of kidding about the last sentence. Well, let’s put it this way: if I had written that last sentence a week ago, it would have been a lie because no “mainstream” scientists or media outlets said it was true. But, then, lo and behold, a flood of articles appeared in the mainstream today with headlines like:

“Planet X May Be Responsible For Mass Extinctions On Earth” – TechTimes, March 31, 2016

Disclosure Soon? Media Says Planet X May Cause "Mass Extinctions"

“‘Planet X’ could have caused mass extinction on earth by triggering comet shower” – NH Voice, March 31, 2016

Disclosure Soon? Media Says Planet X May Cause "Mass Extinctions"

“Another planet may be to blame for dinosaur’s extinction: new study” – World Tech Today, March 31, 2016

Disclosure Soon? Media Says Planet X May Cause "Mass Extinctions"

Well, I don’t know about you, but this “Planet X” went from innocuous “is it there or isn’t it” invisible planet to diabolical Earth-destroyer in the span of just a few short weeks.

That is slightly scary, since you have to figure this is the information that “they” are allowing us to have. What else could they already possibly know about this dinosaur-killing, comet-showering, death star planet of doom?

There is no need to go into long detail about the information already out there about what Planet X is, and what people who have studied it for decades believe to be true (spoiler alert: it’s pretty awful). A simple Google search will provide you will plenty of information.

In the meantime, what do you think? Is Planet X something we should fear, or at least pay more attention to? What do you think the next step of information or evidence they will release?


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