Disney Sponsors Pride Event Featuring Trans Prostitute Offering Sexual Favors in Bathroom

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A gay pride event in Paris that featured a transgender prostitute offering sexual favors in the restrooms of City Hall was “proudly sponsored” by The Walt Disney Co.

The event, La Nuit des Fiertés, which also featured drag shows for underage children, was organized by MAG Jeunes LGBT+, which caters to LGBTQ people ages 15 and 30.

According to the event’s website, the cosmetic giant Sephora and Nyx, a cosmetics company owned by L’Oreal, were also sponsors of the event, which included a room dedicated to drag shows and another for dancing.

The transgender prostitute reportedly goes by “Icy Diamond” and was an invited “special guest.”

As Breitbart News reported, “Icy Diamond” allegedly tweeted a video offering sexual favors in the city hall restroom prior to the account being banned for violations of Twitter’s terms of service.

Last year, Disney’s then-CEO Bob Chapek caved to a small group of radical-left employees, saying he would step up the company’s LGBTQ activism.

Since then, Disney has  fought Florida over its ant-grooming Parental Rights in Education law, created multiple transgender characters for its children’s shows, put gay characters at the center of its big-budget movies, and even launched an LGBTQ-themed apparel line.

Disney is also continuing to push woke politics in its streaming entertainment for children with a new series teaching kids the US was “founded on white supremacy” and “still has not atoned” for its racism.

The Disney+ animated series The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder is pushing reparations for slavery, claiming in its latest episode titled “Juneteenth” that African Americans have “earned” reparations for their suffering and “continue to earn” reparations for every second they are submerged in systemic racism and white supremacy.

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