Rose McGowan’s Manager Found Dead After Warning Weinstein Is Trying To Kill Her

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A longtime Hollywood insider who served as Rose McGowan's manager when the actress was raped by Harvey Weinstein has been found dead.

A longtime Hollywood insider who served as Rose McGowan’s manager when the actress was allegedly raped by Harvey Weinstein has been found dead in suspicious circumstances, less than one week after McGowan warned that Weinstein was trying to murder her.

Jill Messick’s family said in a statement obtained by the NY Daily News that she had recently been caught in the firing line and “victimized” by allegations put forth by McGowan and the ferocious response from Weinstein, and she had been fearing for her life.

The former Miramax production executive was McGowan’s manager in January 1997, when the actress has claimed she was raped by Weinstein in a hotel suite at the Sundance Film Festival.

Last week Rose McGowan sat down with journalist Ronan Farrow at New York City’s 92Y for an emotional 90-minute conversation about abuse and recovery, and she went on record stating that if she is found dead, Harvey Weinstein will be to blame.

What are you scared of, Rose?” Farrow asked.

Without missing a beat, McGowan replied, “Assassination.

McGowan turned to address the crowd directly, leaning forward in her chair. “I don’t care what you think. I know my life, and I know my reality, and I know that people like me get killed.

Later in the interview, Farrow pressed again. “You believe that Harvey Weinstein is after you in an ongoing way?

Yes,” McGowan replied.

In what way?

Someone was just offered $100,000 to tell him what hotel room I was in.

Now Jill Messick, McGowan’s longtime manager, who many believe held the key to a successful prosecution of Harvey Weinstein, has been found dead in suspicious circumstances.

McGowan, who publicly accused Weinstein of rape in October, has a basis for her fears.

As Farrow has reported, Weinstein hired private investigators—including former members of Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency—to track down accusers and journalists. One investigator from Black Cube, a corporate intelligence agency run by mostly ex-Mossad, met with McGowan under the pretense of being a women’s rights advocate, while secretly recording the meetings.

Now, McGowan told Farrow, she’s still being tracked by Weinstein’s people.

Who else cares? Who else is going to stalk me this long?” she said.

Farrow replied that he could not comment on “ongoing” reporting.

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