DNC Rejects Ban On Corporate Lobbying Donations

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DNC vote to reject ban on corporate lobbying

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has unanimously decided to ignore the will of the voters and has rejected a ban on corporate lobbying donations. 

Despite the Clinton campaign losing last years presidential election due to the myriad of accusations of pay for play, and undue influence from Wall Street and Big Pharma, the DNC has decided to stick with Clinton amid a furious backlash from ordinary voters.

A majority of the 422 members voted against Resolution 33 by California DNC member Christine Pelosi, which called for a total ban on corporate PAC donations and an end to the DNC chair appointing registered federal corporate lobbyists to serve as at-large members.

Townhall.com reports:

Democratic National Committee members voted on policy before picking their next chairman or chairwoman in Atlanta on Saturday.

First up was a vote on whether or not to ban donations from registered federal corporate lobbyists.

The committee struck down the resolution because “they feared it would limit donations from liberal activist groups at a time when the party is in the throes of a massive rebuilding projects,” according to The Hill.

Progressives, as you can imagine, were disappointed in the outcome.

Is this first vote an indication that the committee is going to elect an establishment Democrat?