DNC Leader Endorses Domestic Terrorist Organisation Antifa

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DNC leader officially endorses Antifa

Democratic National Committee Deputy Chair Keith Ellison endorsed Antifa on Wednesday, boasting that he hoped to “strike fear in the heart” of Trump supporters.

Ellison posted a picture of himself holding a copy of “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook.” According to Ellison, despite Antifa’s designation as a terrorist organization, he hopes Democrat supporters will adopt their violent tactics and use them against the U.S. government.


Dangerous.com reports: While Antifa purports itself to be about “anti-fascism,” it is an anti-police, far-left movement that uses violence to achieve its ends of establishing a Marxist-oriented society. In the United States, members of the movement rioted at MILO’s speaking event at the University of California, Berkeley in February 2017, setting fires and vandalizing local businesses.

The loosely-knit organization is also known for shutting down speaking events at public colleges, harassing conservatives, blockading railroads, and clashing with conservative and far-right protesters.

As noted by the Daily Caller, the book is written by Dartmouth College professor Mark Bray, who claims that “militant anti-fascism is a reasonable, historically informed response to the fascist threat that persisted after 1945 and that has become especially menacing in recent years.”

The author argues that violence is acceptable in opposition to perceived “fascism” because “fascist ideas”, such as conservative and classically liberal values such as freedom of speech, as endorsed by MILO—who is opposed by progressives—are not worthy of discussion or debate.

Bray has gone on record to argue that Antifa must preemptively strike against “fascists” because “fascism cannot be defended by speech,” according to the Daily Caller.

An extract from the book states that a popular uprising brought on by advocates of Antifa will “necessitate violent confrontation with state forces.”

The book, which provides historical arguments for the movement, has been thoroughly dissected by YouTuber Hatman.


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