Dr With ‘Outstanding Reputation’ Accused Of Abusing Child Patients

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A British family doctor who was awarded an MBE for his ‘outstanding’ work has been accused of abusing dozens of children over his 40 year career.

Former patients of GP John Gerard Rogerson have made allegations of historical sex abuse at his surgery which had been dubbed the ‘Gateway to Hell’.

Rogerson retired in 1981 and died in 2000 but the allegations are only now being investigated by police.

The Mail Online reports:

At least 17 alleged victims, including two siblings now in their 50s, have revealed for the first time how they were allegedly preyed on by the family doctor in Whitchurch, Shropshire.

And West Mercia Police and Hudgell solicitors, who are working on behalf of the victims, are now appealing for others to come forward.

Tom, who is not using his real name, said the abuse started when he was nine years old and he recalls being forced to strip half naked and masturbate in front of his GP.’

But it seemed Dr Rogerson was untouchable because his ‘outstanding’ reputation was not something anyone was willing to question.

Tom held onto his secret for 40 years before confessing to his councillor this year after battling anxiety for his entire adult life.

Now, a total of 17 alleged victims of Rogerson’s abuse have come forward, including Tom’s sister who is using Jane as her name.

Rogerson died in 2000 but it’s only now being investigated by police.

Tom, who is currently unable to work due to his anxiety, said: ‘I would go in for a cold and end up with my trousers down.

‘I’d usually end up with some sort of probe up my backside.

‘The first time he abused me was probably the first time I had met him, with my mum in the room and behind one of those big screens.

‘It would then happen when I was big enough to go in to the consulting room on my own.

‘I was abused each time I saw my doctor, it was never rape but he would tell me to masturbate or would use instruments.’

Tom is relieved that after holding onto his secret for 40 years about the ‘Gateway to Hell’ that other victims, including his sister, have begun to come forward.

He added: ‘This has needed to come out for so long, the population of Whitchurch is around 10,000 and I believe almost half of those knew about the abuse in the 1970s chose to ignore it.

‘Rogerson had an MBE and was a house hold name for the village, no one wanted to tarnish his name.

‘The gateway to hell was a big brown arched wooden door in the middle of a bricked wall.

‘Every time I’d pass it for school or have to go under it to the doctors my heart would pound out of my chest, it was the door to hell for me – and it still is.

‘At school, the other kids would say “you don’t go there do you? He’ll have your pants down as soon as you go in.” I didn’t like to admit that I went there, as I knew I’d get questions about what he did to me.

‘My mum was oblivious to it all, she’d never of believed me if I’d have told her anyway.

‘Who would trust the word of a young schoolboy over a professional doctor? I was scared of him.’

At the age of 13 Tom’s abuse had stopped – he feels this is because he had hit puberty and Rogerson preferred children.

He said: ‘I managed to bury these memories and tried to move on with my life and it wasn’t until 2012 that I told my wife my dark secret about what had happened in that doctors’ surgery but I didn’t report it to the police until this year.

‘I feel angry that Rogerson has in many ways ruined my life and I know there will be hundreds of other victims that haven’t yet spoken out.

‘It’s just like the Jimmy Savile case, Rogerson was a paedophile and it’s a great shame that he wasn’t made accountable for his actions before his death.’



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