Ecuador Deplores Sweden, Britain Over Assange

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The Ecuadorian government say they deplore the inaction of the British and Swedish authorities over their treatment of Julian Assange

Julian Assange
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is still holed up at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London fearing for his freedom and health.

Julian Assange has been a virtual prisoner at the Ecuadoran Embassy in London. The founder of the whistle-blowing website, Wikileaks, took refuge in the London Ecuadoran embassy in 2012, fearing for his arrest and extradition to Sweden and The U.S. It followed allegations of sexual assault against him by some women, during the time when Wikileaks was in the process of revealing classified documents relating to the United States. A press release from Quito stated the government’s frustration.

News Xinhua reports:

The Ecuadoran Foreign Ministry made the statement in a press release after Swedish prosecutors stopped investigation into three out of the four allegations of sexual assault against Assange.

The three charges had to be dropped as the legal time limit of five years for pressing the charges expired on Thursday.

Quito has shown its willingness to facilitate Sweden’s legal process up to 31 times since Ecuador granted Assange political asylum in 2012, said the press release.

Both Sweden and Britain have ignored Ecuador’s proposals and calls for a dialogue, said the ministry.

Assange, a former hacker and journalist, still faces one rape charge and therefore cannot leave the Ecuadoran Embassy in London as he would run the risk of being arrested and extradited to Sweden.

Assange fears that once in Sweden, he would be transported to the United States where he could face trial for leaking thousands of classified diplomatic cables and information related to the United States through WikiLeaks.



    • How easy it is to speak about how invaluable anothers’ life is when it’s not your own, eh? Just like all those who say we should bomb people when it’s not your life hanging in the balance, right? He’s a hero, sacrificing his life to let the truth be known. Our leaders are the corrupt ones, not Julian. There’s a reason the governments around the world don’t want whistleblowers to speak freely, because they threaten to expose their corrupt ways, which in turn could cost them their power. Julian is a hero surrounded by the wolves of our world. 

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