Education Expert: Children Should Be Taught To Recognise Fake News

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A leading international education expert has said that children should be taught in schools how to recognise “fake news”.

According to Andreas Schleicher, the the OECD’s director of education and skills, schools need to teach their pupils how to think critically and analyse what they read on social media and news sites.

“This is something that we believe schools can do something about” he said.

The Independent reports:

He also suggested that social media creates an “echo-chamber” in which users only hear from viewpoints similar to their own, and argued that schools have a role to play in making sure that young people have a chance to debate different views and opinions.

Mr Schleicher’s comments come ahead of the annual Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai, where he will put forward the OECD’s plans to test young people’s attitudes to global issues and different cultures, their analytical and critical skills and abilities to interact with others.

These “global competencies” are becoming increasingly important, he said.

“In the past, when you needed information, you went to an encyclopaedia, you looked it up, and you could trust that information to be true,” Mr Schleicher said.

He added that today, anyone using social media or even news sites has to be able to assess, evaluate and reflect on the information they are given.

“Distinguishing what is true from what is not true is a critical skill today,” he said.

“Exposing fake news, even being aware that there is something like fake news, that there is something that is written that is not necessarily true, that you have to question, think critically. That is very important.

“This is something that we believe schools can do something about.”

Pupils can learn about the world, how to analyse what they see and hear around them and engage in debate in lessons.

“Schools can do a lot to equip students with the kind of cognitive ability to access and analyse meaning, culture, practice, things like this,” he said.

He added that it is not a matter of schools teaching a new subject, but building these skills into all lessons, from science to history.

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