Biden Says ‘He’s Proud Of His Son’ While Refusing to Discuss Family’s Legal Troubles

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Biden Joe and Hunter

Joe Biden is refusing to discuss the legal troubles of his son after it was revealed that the Department of Justice was investigating Hunter Biden’s ‘tax affairs.’

At a press conference on Friday in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden was asked if his son has “committed a crime.”

Breitbart reports: The question was in regards to Hunter Biden’s recent admission that he had been informed by the United States Attorney of Delaware that there was an open investigation into his “tax affairs.”

Despite the topic dominating the news cycle in recent days, the former vice president refused to comment on the situation.

“I’m proud of my son,” Biden said, repeating a line he has employed since the story first broke.

While the exact nature of the U.S. Attorney investigation remains unclear, the revelations come more than a month after Fox News reported that Hunter Biden’s laptop had been seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as part of a money laundering probe.

The younger Biden has faced questions for some time over his business dealings. In September the Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committees released an extensive report detailing numerous instances in which Hunter Biden’s business dealings appeared to overlap with his father’s political influence.

Senate Republicans have pledged to continue investigating the matter once the new Congress opens session in January. Of particular interest for some congressional watchdogs are allegations, first reported by Breitbart News in October, that a top official from a Chinese energy firm offered to provide the Biden “family” a $5 million non-secured, forgivable loan.

The offer was discussed in an email sent to SinoHawk Holdings CEO Tony Bobulinski, a one-time business partner of Hunter Biden. Bobulinski has since begun cooperating with both congressional investigators and federal law enforcement on the topic.


  1. Is legal troubles a metaphor for criminal activities and is he refusing to answer questions on tbe grounds that he might incriminate himself At his lawyers instructions .A perfect Presidebt for black mailers and wxtortionisys to set up in the oval office for the service of the higher circle.

  2. Well let’s see…Hunter Biden’s a liar, a thief, a crackhead, who knocked up another crackhead stripper ho, hired a lying lawyer to try and avoid paying child support, took money from China, took money from Ukranian Burisma, didn’t declare as foreign agent, stashed the money in hidden offshore banks, didn’t pay taxes, had child porn on his computer, sexed his own niece, had his sex acts uploaded onto PornHub…Lied about everything…
    How does he get away with it? Our ENTIRE system of government is corrupted!
    ‘Designated Survivor’ is the best scenario for saving this country.
    If that requires Civil War II, then so be it. Let the assassinations begin.

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