Ex-NYPD Chief Says FBI Must Declare Antifa a Domestic Terror Group

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Ex NYPD Commissioner urges FBI to declare Antifa a domestic terrorist organization

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik is calling on the FBI to officially declare Antifa a domestic terror group.

Kerik’s call follows the brutal assault against journalist Andy Ngo in Portland, Oregon last weekend by a group of masked Antifa thugs.

Ngo was hospitalized with suspected brain bleed as a result of the attacks.

Members of the public and lawmakers are now demanding that authorities investigate Antifa and formally declare the far-left group a domestic terrorist organization.

Speaking on the Tucker Carlson show on Fox News Wednesday, former NYPD head Kerik lent his voice to the chorus.

Newsbusters.org reports: Brian Kilmeade filled in and began by reminding viewers of the fact that Antifa was “encouraged and rewarded by the elite class,” recalling that “Chris Cuomo of CNN compared them to D-Day soldiers. Don Lemon loved them.”

After being asked if it’s “time to classify Antifa as a terror group,” Kerik busted out the dictionary definition of terrorist:

Well, listen. First of all, this is an extremely violent group that goes out and threatens, intimidates, attacks with extreme violence for political reasons. If you look up terrorism, the definition of terrorism, that’s what terrorism is. When somebody threats, imposes threats and violence against someone else for political reasons.

“I’ve said this in the past and some people would disagree, I think they should be designated as a terror group, a domestic terror group,” he said.

His reasoning was that “the locals, the local state, police entities out there” were just on doing the job that needed to be done. He then blasted the Portland Police for not doing their jobs to protect the people:

KERIK: I watched this demonstration in Portland. I was appalled that the police wasn’t more active, preemptive, proactive. Some of the beat downs this young journalist that was beaten, severely beaten, not just beaten, not just smacked around, severely beaten with substantial injuries. And this stuff is growing, it’s in Portland, it’s in California, it’s in –

KILMEADE: Oh yeah, Seattle.

“A number of these states where you have Democratic leadership and Democratic mayors,” he rightly added.

Kerik also noticed that there was little outrage from certain groups when the ones being targeted by Antifa were right-leaning. “Well, it’s only anti-journalists when it’s — that’s okay when they’re conservative. If they’re conservatives, then it seems like no holds are barred. They get to do what they want,” he decried.

That point was followed up with more condemnation of other police forces that let Antifa roam freely:

I think it’s got to stop. I think these police departments, they know when they’re coming out. They know when the demonstrations are going to be. They have a basic idea of how many people are going to be there. And I can tell you, under Rudy Giuliani, back when I was police commissioner, this would be absolutely all hands on deck to make sure this didn’t happen.

It really shouldn’t be hard for Antifa to be classified as a terrorist group. According to a Politico article form 2017, the FBI and Homeland Security already regarded Antifa’s activities as “domestic terrorist violence”.

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