Ted Cruz Demands Investigation After Portland Mayor Fails to Stop Antifa Thugs

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Ted Cruz orders investigation into Portland Mayor who allowed police to stand down as citizens are attacked by Antifa

Senator Ted Cruz has blasted Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler for failing to stop Antifa thugs from attacking citizens.

Cruz has called on law enforcement launch an investigation as to why the violence has seemingly been allowed to occur in Portland.

On Saturday, Quillette gay Asian journalist Andy Ngo was beaten by several masked Antifa attackers during a protest.

Ngo was hospitalized after the attack with suspected brain bleed, according to his attorney Harmeet K. Dhillion.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Following the attack Michelle Malkin set up a GoFund me account for Ngo, who was also robbed during the attack. So far $77,000 has been raised for Andy Ngo.

Senator Ted Cruz, himself a victim of leftist violence, lashed out on Twitter following the brutal attack.

Cruz called on federal law enforcement to investigate and bring legal action against Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler who reportedly called on police officers to stand down on Saturday.

Cruz also called on law enforcement to find and prosecute the “violent felons” behind the attack.

Michelle Malkin also chimed in…


  1. Where are all the calls for boycotting Portland? Let me start—Boycott Portland, or bring a semi automatic with you if you plan to go. This is crazy and has to stop. Without immediate action, this will only compound into something worse. Liberal hypocrites are OK with violence that is directed towards those they don’t agree with. I’m sick of it.

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