Rob Reiner: Trump Needs Votes From White Supremacists To Win Reelection

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Rob Reiner

Left-wing Hollywood director Rob Reiner has frequently called President Trump and his supporters racists and white supremacists

Th anti -Trump director is now claiming that Trump needs votes from white supremacists in order to win reelection in November.

“In 56 days we’ll find out if there are enough White Supremacists in this country to elect a White Supremacist” Reiner tweeted on Tuesday, adding “I think not.”

Breitbart reports: The Princess Bride director is one of Hollywood’s most outspoken anti-Trump voices, using his Twitter account to lash out at the president and his supporters, and to rally support for Joe Biden.

On Labor Day, Reiner referred to himself as “us Union Workers” in an attempt to mobilize the organized labor vote for Joe Biden.

“On this Labor Day the most important job for all us Union Workers is to mobilize and elect a true working man’s friend, Joe Biden,” he tweeted. “We have 57 days to rid US of a Criminal with a long history of stiffing hard working Americans.”

Reiner’s most recent tweet is similar in tone to a rant he launched during the summer denigrating Trump supporters. In July, he tweeted that President Trump is a “stone cold racist” and a “proud White Supremacist.” He added: “On Nov. 3 we will find out how many racists live in America.”

In June, Reiner smeared all Trump backers as racists. “Donald Trump is a White Supremacist. And anyone who supports him, by definition, is a White Supremacist,” he tweeted.

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