RINO Mitch McConnell: GOP Will NEVER Impeach Biden

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Mitch McConnell says GOP will not impeach Joe Biden

Sen. Mitch McConnell told reporters Wednesday that Joe Biden will not be impeached under his watch, despite the fact that most Republicans want him removed from office.

“Well, look the president is not going to be removed from office … I think the way these behaviors get adjusted in this country is at the ballot box,” McConnell told reporters.

“There isn’t going to be an impeachment,” the anti-Trump Kentucky Senator added.

Breitbart.com reports: Though McConnell shot down impeachment calls for the president likely due to the lack of Senate votes to do so, nearly 40 combined Senate and House Republicans have called for Biden to resign.

The calls for resignation stem from what one Republican House member called the deadly “nightmare” evacuation. The frustration has motivated Rep. Jerry Carl (R-AL) to co-sponsor a resolution Tuesday which demanded that the president “resign immediately” for proving “himself to be unfit to lead our nation and serve as our Commander-in-Chief” following the deaths of American servicemen and woman.

Not only have Republicans been angered by the 13 U.S. military personnel killed by a suicide bomb outside the Kabul airport, but many feel America has been embarrassed on the world stage for leaving billions of dollars of U.S. equipment in the Taliban’s hands. Video footage has revealed to the entire world the Taliban parading around the country in triumphant fashion with the abandoned equipment.

If the Taliban touting their success over their American enemy was not enough to anger the GOP, the Taliban are now in control of a country where an estimated 200 Americans are stranded behind enemy lines. Even Biden’s former interpreter who helped Biden flee the country when he was a U.S. Senator has not been saved by the commander-in-chief of the United States’ armed forces.

“Hello Mr. President: Save me and my family,” interpreter Mohammed told the Wall Street Journal while he is in hiding. “Don’t forget me here.”

“I can’t leave my house,” he said. “I’m very scared.”

When White House press secretary Jen Psaki was questioned on Mohammed’s plea for help from Biden, Psaki claimed, “We will get you out, we will honor your service, and we’re committed to doing exactly that.”

The White House has also promised to save other Americans who Biden has left behind but said Tuesday they did not have any updated numbers to report. “I don’t have an update for you on the numbers, but that’s something the State Department would have the best assessment of,” Psaki admitted.

Despite Biden’s Tuesday claim he would do his best to save Americans, during which he also claimed the deadly evacuation was a success, Biden’s mood, too, has been noticeably sour. When Psaki was asked what Biden is “mad at,” Psaki deflected the probing question.

“A few of us observed he seemed angry at the beginning of the speech today. Who is he mad at?” the reporter asked.

“I would say I’ll — I’ll give you a different assessment of what I saw, which is that he gave a forceful assessment, laid out a forceful case to the American people as to why it was time to wind down a 20-year war that has led to the loss of thousands of lives,” she responded.


  1. He could rape a 3 month old in the house and they still wouldn’t impeach him. He would have to gut Nancy Pelosi on the floor and skin her alive to get arrested And then they would put him into a plush private hospital. With every privilege.

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