Elderly Coronavirus Survivor: ‘Hysteria Has Gotten out of Control’

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Elderly Coronavirus survivor warns the hysteria has gotten out of hand

An elderly coronavirus survivor is speaking out about her experience, saying she believes “the hysteria has just gotten out of control” surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview with “Fox & Friends,” 65-year-old Jerry Jorgensen, who was taken ill aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, detailed just how mild the illness is.

Jorgenson revealed she was feeling “a bit off” after running a slight fever for a few hours while aboard the cruise ship.

She no longer tests positive for COVID-19 and says she is surprised by the hysteria in America since being diagnosed with the disease herself.

“The hysteria has just gotten out of control,” Jorgenson said.

“All the toilet paper being gone — I don’t get the toilet paper thing. I really don’t,” she added.

Foxnews.com reports: Jorgensen said that when she went to a gym after her recovery, she was bombarded with hugs from friends and also from strangers.

Jorgensen said that afterward when she got home, the gym’s management called her to tell her to stay away to keep the “senior citizens” safe.

“I go, ‘I am a senior citizen! Wait, what about me?’” Jorgensen said. “And I am the safest one in the gym, probably the safest one in Utah because I’ve been through quarantine and tested more than once negative.”

“And I have a letter from the Centers for Disease Control so it is what it is,” she added.

Jorgensen — who contracted the virus onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan — said she exhibited zero symptoms when she was diagnosed.

“My case was I had a slight fever the night before they took me off the cruise ship — very slight, it wasn’t even 100 degrees,” Jorgensen told “Fox & Friends. “Felt a little bit off for about two to three hours and that was my only symptom throughout the whole time — the whole quarantine up to now.”

Although Jorgensen was being treated and monitored by the doctors on the ship, she never had to take any medications while aboard the Diamond Princess.

Jorgensen described her experience in quarantine at a hospital very positive. She said that those who are staying in their houses for safety should keep doing “things that you love,” such as reading and exercising.

“I was quarantined in a hospital and they didn’t have a lot for me, especially those that don’t speak English,” Jorgensen said.

“I did get a yoga mat,” she said, “and it’s so important to stay active.”

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