Iceland puts on a show as two of its volcanoes spew out lava

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From this article (link) in “Dramatic images have been recorded from the air of the erupting Holuhraun volcano as it spews out lava from at least two fissures.

Volcanic eruptions are common in Iceland, which is located in the hot seat of seismic activity – on top of the Atlantic’s mid-oceanic ridge.

The local met office said the Holuhraun is currently remaining steady.

Holuhraun and a second volcano Bardarbunga have both been throwing out lava in recent weeks.

On Sunday a magnitude 5.4 earthquake struck the region round Bardarbunga.

Lava from the volcano has so far reached the surface only on land that is not covered by ice whereas an eruption under an ice cap may be explosive and result in an ash cloud that could disrupt aviation.

In 2010, a volcano in another part of the country – the Eyjafjallajoekull – erupted producing a giant cloud of ash that severely disrupted air travel, costing airlines millions of euros.”

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