Epstein’s Child Sex Slave and Prince Andrew Accuser Hospitalized With Deadly Infection

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Epstein child rape victim and Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Roberts hospitalized

Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex slave and Prince Andrew accuser Virigina Roberts has been admitted to hospital with bacterial meningitis, according to reports.

The 36-year-old confirmed on Friday that she had been ill for the past three days after returning from a trip to the rainforest.

She wrote on Twitter: “Back in the hospital – again. This time bacterial meningitis. Went to the rainforest for the weekend with the fam and came back with something from the jungle.”

“Day 3 – just had to get a spinal tap- talk about pain! Pls send me some love vibes from all my friends on Twitter.”


Roberts, who now goes by her married surname Giuffre, currently lives in Cairns, in Queensland, Australia with her husband Robert and three children. 

Dailymail.co.uk reports: She later replied to well-wishers on Twitter saying her immune system may be out of whack ‘with so much going on and add some stress into that.’ 

‘I bought a dog hoping it would help with my stress but with some of these a-holes I’m up against it’s definitely a challenge,’ she said. 

Bacterial meningitis is the inflammation of the spinal cord typically caused by an infection. 

Although infections are rare, it can be life-threatening and requires immediate attention.  

Patients are generally treated with antibiotics and penicillin or corticosteroids. 

Roberts’ admittance to the hospital comes just two months after she was tested for COVID-19 after she developed symptoms of the virus. 

In April she told Twitter followers she had been having trouble with breathing, as well as fever and a cough and was ‘praying’ the test wasn’t positive. 

She later revealed she tested negative and was battling an upper respiratory infection after she was diagnosed with pneumonia. 

‘Now back to what really matters- the take down of perps!’ she tweeted.  

Roberts is among the slew of women who have accused billionaire Jeffrey Epstein of sexual abuse when they were underage, and has spoken publicly about being his ‘sex slave.’ 

In April, Roberts shared photos from the hospital after she was tested for coronavirus, but left because doctors tried to put her in a ward with COVID-19 positive patients, she said  

She has also claimed she had sex with Prince Andrew at the behest of his friend Epstein three times: once at Epstein’s New York apartment, once in the Caribbean, and once at the London home of Ghislane Maxwell, the American financier’s alleged madam, in March 2001. 

Speaking about her first alleged encounter with Prince Andrew in London, Roberts said she was taken to Tramp Nightclub where she recalls dancing with the ‘sweating’ prince when she was 17. 

After leaving the nightclub, Roberts said: ‘In the car Ghislaine tells me that I have to do for Andrew what I do for Jeffrey.’ 

A photo that shows Giuffre, Prince Andrew and Maxwell in Ghislaine’s apartment taken in 2001 has been widely circulated.

Prince Andrew has strenuously denied all of Roberts’ allegations.

The prince says he doesn’t even remember meeting her.

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