Millions of Dead And Illegal Voters Discovered In Key Swing State

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Millions of illegal and dead voters discovered in key swing state

Millions of deceased and illegal voters have been discovered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in an investigation the Democrats are desperately trying to cover-up. 

Pew Research suggests that 1.8 million registered voters were found to be deceased, a further 24 million had invalid voter registrations, and 2.75 million people illegally registered in more than one state. reports:

While underage voting is a problem with 292 minors voting during the 2016 general election, the dead people casting ballots is more concerning.

The presidential commission uncovered 45,880 voters who cast ballots in the 2016 presidential election who were more than 115 years old, many of whom were born before 1700.

These numbers are vastly under-reported because of the commission’s inability to get states under a democratic stronghold to comply with voter information request.

In many states the voter fraud is so rampant they have more people on their voter rolls than actual eligible voters in the state. Alaska, California, Colorado, Washington D.C., Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, and Michigan all had more voters on the rolls than eligible citizens. Considering not everyone eligible to vote registers this indicates an enormous amount of fraud being perpetrated in an effort to rig elections.

Non-citizens voting in our election is also a rampant issue. Virginia is not a hotbed for immigrants, illegal or otherwise, and it still saw 7,474 non-citizens cast ballots in the state. Because Virginia is a swing state, it is especially important that their election results are not tampered with by foreign nationals in our country trying to rig elections. California did not comply with the Presidential Commission, had they done so, it is likely the number of non-citizens voting in the golden state would have been of astronomical proportions.

The commission also found that over 45,000 people voting in the 2016 presidential election cast ballots in multiple districts, voting multiple times. People are district hoping to multiply their votes and the Democrats are unconcerned with the impact of this unscrupulous behavior and have blocked all attempts to purge the rolls of these bad actors.

Democrats often fight voter identification laws which would force citizens to provide ID before casting ballots in our elections. President Trump finds the policy of allowing people with no ID to vote to be absurd, stating in a Tweet, “As Americans, you need identification, sometimes in a very strong and accurate form, for almost everything you do…. Except when it comes to the most important thing, voting for the people that run your country, Push hard for Voter Identification.”

Democrats are fighting to keep the voting system in America virtually unregulated. While the evidence is clear that millions of ineligible voters are capable of casting ballots each year in our elections, Democrats have no interest in correcting this. They are protecting their illegal immigrant voters, their non-citizen voters, their dead voters, and their ineligible voters because they help keep the scales tilted in their favor. For Democrats winning elections is the most important thing, and if that means condoning, encouraging, and protecting criminals, so be it.

With DHS taking over the investigation, election officials will be subject to prosecution as will illegal voters. Democrats will also be unable to obstruct their efforts by filing frivolous lawsuits and blocking the release of crucial information requested. The law enforcement agency will have far more latitude on how it pursues the case moving forward, with far more resources and reach than the Presidential Commission had.

Democrats claim that voter fraud accusations are unfounded despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary. A thorough investigation into voter fraud will be carried out by DHS and the true impact of this epidemic will become clearer the deeper the department digs. Democrats stand to lose big if voter ID laws are implemented and their dead and ineligible voters become purged, so expect them to fight this investigation to the bitter end.


  1. The ballot should be automatically null and void , tell the states they will have no representation Untill it’s fixed .

  2. I think it’s pretty sad that there’s not one comment on this story before me. This is one of the most important things ever when it comes to elections. Democrats have been cheating for years. This must be stopped the people need to stand up and request that these investigations continue and that new one Spring up. The one thing that I do know, is that there are far more people in this country that are about the kind of values that conservatives have than those of the Democrats. The only people voting Democrat are those that are completely blind to the actual things going on in this country and around the world, those who vote because their family has always voted Democrat oh, those who are illegals and know that this is the party that will keep them here in the country illegally or as long as they want, and last but not least those young people who want everything for free and do not want to have to work for it. I’m not going to have my country and our values continue to be stripped away by the Democrat Party who doesn’t even love this country and are traitors to this country, selling our own land to foreign countries who are not our friends and who are just waiting to strip this country and destroy it.

    • I love when people like you get so excited over shit like this that is taken out of context XD haha. You’re a complete out of touch dipshit. You just eat up the dumb horseshit president dipshit feeds you.

      • Once again ill-informed, these are things that were discussed and have been in the news long before Trump ever become president. But please, by all means, continue to stay hooked up to that liberal IV.

      • Wow ..They wrote a book about you, it’s title is “50 shades of stupid” It’s #1 on the liberal reading list.

  3. This fraud is the only way the communist democrat party has of having a chance to win most elections! Even that doesn’t always work. They had millions of fraudulent votes for Clinton in 2016, and.had ( and are still having) a childish temper tantrum when it wasn’t enough and the crooked candidate was beaten!

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