Eric Holder: America Has NEVER Been Great!

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Eric Holder says America was never great

President Obama’s former attorney general Eric Holder has admitted to MSNBC that he doesn’t think America has ever been a great country.


ARI MELBER: There’s a lot of talk about American being a leader as a democracy, quote unquote, in the 1800s when women and African-Americans couldn’t vote. What kind of democracy is that?

ERIC HOLDER: Well, that’s exactly right and that’s why I hear let’s “Make America Great Again,” and I think to myself “when did you think America was great? It certainly wasn’t when people were enslaved. It certainly wasn’t when women did not have the right to vote. It certainly wasn’t when the LGBT community was denied the rights to which it was entitled.

MELBER: Does that phrase echo as discrimination in your ears?

HOLDER: It takes us back to an American past that never in fact really existed, this notion of greatness. You know, America has done superb things, great things, and it has been a leader in a whole range of things, but we’re always a work in process. Looking back, “Make America Great Again” is inconsistent with who we are as Americans at our best where we look at the uncertain future, embrace it, and make it our own.

Information Liberation reports:

Note, Holder doesn’t associate at all with the old America.

Despite being a millionaire and working as the attorney general under our first black president, he sees our founders and the Americans who built the country in which he was able to thrive only as evil oppressors. 

According to Holder’s definition of “greatness,” America was only “great” for the last few years Obama was in office. 


  1. The Democrat party’s culture of Marxism, Class Warfare, hatred, crime (including those against the unborn!), corruption, lawlessness and Anti-Americanism. They are low life dooshbags who spit on everything that is great and wonderful about our country. They continually desecrate the freedom paid for with the blood of heroes. They are the enemy within intent on tearing us apart.

    • I agree with you .. and given the fact Obama was a token and he did everything against our country he did not do one thing to jumpstart our economy like Trump did .. and Holder he was just a total ass to boot .. And them Dummycraps if they hate our country so much they need to move to Russia then .. I am sure they will fit right in . .. rofl .. until they piss off Putin and he sticks them in prison rofl .. which they all need to be rofl .. and please ship Killary Rotten Clinton there too .

      • Russia kick out all S0r0s NGOs, Western Fake News, and the Hard Left Democrat Marxist out of the Country… Most of them set up shop in Brussels.

  2. I would have to agree…. amewhorica has never been great.. it has always been seedy.. and greedy.. and needy… and tedious…. it has always been selfish and cruel and glutenous and lustful… that’s why it is how it is now… natural recession/…. action, reaction. reflection….. Russia is going to nuke amewhorica and very soon…

    • I kind of agree with the Russia nuking us.. I hope the 1st to go is Hollywood and San Francisco

  3. I am going to step up to the plate. I am a second generation American.

    Here is a reminder for America, ‘FORT SUMTER, S.C., April 12, 1861, 3:20 A.M. – SIR: By authority of Brigadier-General Beauregard, commanding the Provisional Forces of the Confederate States, we have the honor to notify you that he will open the fire of his batteries on Fort Sumter in one hour from this time. We have the honor to be very respectfully, Your obedient servants, JAMES CHESNUT JR., Aide-de-camp. STEPHEN D. LEE, Captain C. S. Army, Aide-de-camp.’

    The first shot fired by the Confederate Army at 4:30am April 12, 1861.

    Almost 158 years ago and some foolish present day Americans still can’t figure out why White Americans would sacrifice their lives to free the Slaves? 500,000 Americans died to free them.
    Once the War was over who voted to make them US Citizens? Who voted to give them the Right to Vote?
    You knock down the Confederate Monuments yet you vote for your old Masters.
    It sort of makes a mockery of those who gave their last measure to make you free.

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