Facebook: Any Religious Views Shared on Your Profile Will Be Removed

Fact checked
Facebook to remove religious and political views from users' profiles

Facebook has announced that it will begin policing people’s personal profiles and remove any references to religious or political beliefs.

Facebook is changing the information users are allowed to post as part of their profile beginning Dec. 1, according to reports.

Westernjournal.com reports: A representative of Facebook then confirmed the news via a statement to TechCrunch.

“As part of our efforts to make Facebook easier to navigate and use, we’re removing a handful of profile fields: Interested In, Religious Views, Political Views, and Address,” the representative said.

Tech Crunch noted that the “Interested In’ field was essentially a guide to a user’s sexual orientation.

“We’re sending notifications to people who have these fields filled out, letting them know these fields will be removed. This change doesn’t affect anyone’s ability to share this information about themselves elsewhere on Facebook,” the Facebook statement said.

A report about the change on EndGadget suggested that Facebook is simply evolving with the times.

“It may reflect changing attitudes toward privacy, however. Facebook included these sections in the early days of social networking, when users more readily shared their more sensitive details (MySpace, anyone?),” the report said.

“Now, however, privacy is a major concern— Meta itself has been more interested in privacy in recent years, focusing on private chats and greater security. People may be less inclined to share info on profiles in an era when online stalking and harassment are all too common,” the report said.

Users will notice no major change when the new profile regime takes place, according to Andrew Hutchinson, writing on Social Media Today.

“In essence, Meta no longer has any need for you to share this info on your profile, and each of these elements could also lead to discrimination and harm simply by being present. So it’s probably better to remove them – but the overall impact on how the platform operates will be largely unchanged,” he wrote.

Writing on Gizmodo, Thomas Germain said Facebook is trying to regain its zip.

“Controversy aside, Facebook is also working to streamline a platform that’s filled with barely used features and cluttered, confusing interfaces. Facebook earned a poor reputation, not just for causing societal problems but because it’s just not cool anymore,” he wrote.

“Users have been leaving the platform in droves, and even Instagram, Facebook’s younger and slightly hipper sibling, has seen its cache decline,” he wrote.

“Dialing back the ways you can update your profile is, in a way, admitting defeat. The world moved on, and Facebook once again needs to move fast if it wants to stay relevant,” he wrote.

Meta, the parent of Facebook, is currently in a financial trough, having just laid off about 11,000 employees.


      • Because “Mans Laws” are based on “Gods Laws.” God is Nature.
        All the laws we see now about freedoms can be traced to the words and the thinking of Jesus Christ.

        • Mans laws give you a vote, a vote, and say in the laws you live be. Gods laws, mean you have no vote, no say and don’t ever matter. God makes all decisions, and its best you say nothing or be charged a heretic.

          • God’s law designates to people the right to vote. God is in a constant battle with the Dark Forces of Satan.
            No vote, or rigged elections are the work of Satan.

          • What, that doesn’t make sense. Christianity is about a second life after death based on the theory of the existence of gods.
            Materialism, is a trait associated with self preservation tied to greed.

          • Thats fair, old words can take on new meanings. A favorite is a common phrase: “It’s a dog’s life.” It used to mean “life Is hard” conjuring an image of a skinny stray dog scrounging for scraps of food. Now it is almost exclusively used to mean “life is easy” where all your needs are taken care of and you are pampered. A 180 degree reversal in meaning.

          • materialism mə-tîr′ē-ə-lĭz″əm
            1. The theory that physical matter is the only reality and that everything, including thought, feeling, mind, and will, can be explained in terms of matter and physical phenomena.
            2. The theory or attitude that physical well-being and worldly possessions constitute the greatest good and highest value in life.
            3. Concern for possessions or material wealth and physical comfort, especially to the exclusion of spiritual or intellectual pursuits.
            The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

          • Materialism is a word that did not exist 2000 years ago. We modern people (that includes you too) have extrapolate the then and the now. Materialism is a word based on Science, discovered in the 14th century.

          • Didn’t the bibles make references to the angry Jesus, the young man who destroyed the “money changers” goods and stands? No secret to me that the Hebrew-Jewish have historically been accused as money (gold) grubbers? Even today they are frequent accused to manipulating the diamond trade, political messages from Hollywood, medicine/pharmaceuticals, radio, television, and social media companies, publishing, accounting, banking, law, and RONCO spray-on hair. GRIN

          • I don’t know that European history very well. Looked this up for a quick answer, and didn’t see it. Seems like usury is another problem that has plagued the Hebrew/Jewish for a long time. This idea of theirs, where they proclaim and start believing that they are some gods chosen people. Its an arrogant slap in the face to all others that cross their path.

          • As for science, its the same as theology. One is based on the theory of gods, the other is base don the theory of worm holes, strings, and invintile numbers of dimensions. Instead, everything we have ever had, from the arrow, bow or the ink for cave paintings, the crayon – fire, ice, plumbing, ovens, cars, monitors, switches, the packets sending this message, the aircraft, heart transplants, spacecraft and atomic power stronger than the sun – the roof over your head, or shoes on your feet – all arrived from engineers. Engineers rule this world, always have, always will.

          • Have seen other attempts to make mathematical conversions with the bible with some hidden knowledge, but they seem a bit a stretch besides the structure and some minor significance of repeatability.

          • I think from many years ago, Israeli scholars claimed they spent time, crunching numbering schemes of the old testament, and found patterns. In turn, the claim was the patterns held some ancient wisdom. Sounded as dumb then, as it does today.

          • Have several old cars spread across several properties. They are merely tools for sustenance and employment. Suspect you are much like Dioginese or the Luddite. Using your train of thought, a horse and buggy would me considered materialism, as would a pair a sandals to avoid stepping on sharp objects.

          • You are correct about materialism but fail to see that this poster wants to go to the Stars, how about you?

            Diogenes of Sinope should bring his lantern to see you, and to Washington D.C., and look there for his “man.”

            Once the horse was domesticated, along with the bovine, they are material put to use by the human race.

          • The moon is a great place to take over, as is the LaGrange zone for mass solar power collection and redirection.
            Stars, they are for other generations. At that, we don’t have an adequate fuel or a means to exploit what we do have.
            Space is far better, as we can maximize the high ground to remove the threats to American Primacy. Space needs a larger budget.

          • Could always used humans, we have seven billion too many. A simple soylent green furnace powerplant could get us across the know universe with plenty to eat.

          • I don’t think that is accurate. There are 8 billion today and about 3 billion live on just a few hundred pennies per day. They are diseased with no fresh water, no waste treatment for sewage, and little to no food. Clearly on the fringe, they will never thrive. Adding another 16 billion, would doom everyone in very short order.

          • We are talking about food, not water.
            It’s Colonialism of Europe, now in the United States, that’s causing the disease.

          • The food growth potential in the world is for 25 billion people. Along the 25~35 parallel north greenhouses can extend the growing season from 2 to 4 months
            The powers that be in the United States and in Europe are not concerned about the well being of people. If that were the case Africa would be developed, but it is not. Africa is traditionally used as a source of raw materials so industry can use Africa’s material to make products for sale domestically, and make money doing it. It’s the same story where the United States dominates, impoverished and uneducated people where the $$$ rules, even now in the United states itself

          • Gates be be investing in agriculture, but he had nothing to do with population increases. Maybe the loss of vision, humped backs, and carpal tunnel, but not population.

          • How is that, I don’t even have a rebuttal.
            Is this due to Gates software, his farm ownership, or his non-profit efforts around the globe? Or all of them combined maybe?

          • I think in cases, the population control argument sways me. What we have been doing, unchecked populations has left massive critical problems., problems of strategic magnitude.

          • It was noted by Confucius before his death in 479 BCE the following: “Excessive (population) growth may reduce output per worker, repress levels of living for the masses and engender strife.”
            Its the oldest of observation specific to overpopulation I am aware of, and fitting as China has struggled with its unwanted population much longer than all others.

          • China is doing a remarkable job managing its population. The one-child rule is gone and the 2 child rule is now in place because someone in China sat down and figured it was not mathematically possible to have a sustained population with just one-child per couple.
            Confucius saying: “The purpose of Marriage is to make the next generation.”
            Confucius didn’t mean same sex marriage.
            Confucius is one of the top 5 thinkers in the World, and that includes Jesus Christ. So who’s left?

          • With 1.4 billion people, they would best to come down to about 300 million.
            Your advice for doubling populations is bad.

          • There are 200 sovereign nations, and they are in direct competition. Unless the USA decided that taking what is required from Africa, the entire African continent will continue to spiral. We don’t need Africans (or more of them or any other race) inside the USA, but we can maximize their natural resources.

          • As an example of what the attitude is in Washington China is building 50 huge coal-fired electrical power plants in Africa. Two-thirds of Africans have no electricity. China explained their products need electricity, so China builds power plants so Africans can buy.
            Washington is against the power plants using the excuse of “debt traps.” It has been shown time and again the best way to fight poverty and backwardness is with electricity, railroads and roads.
            It’s Washington’s desire to keep countries backward and ignorant as then they are easier to control.

          • Didn’t realize that China was pushing so many fossil fueled powerplants onto the African continent, Huh? Goes to show their political influence through the exploitation of economic bribes and perpetual debts are a problem in many more ways than just one.

          • I can’t help the 1.5 billion in Africa, I don’t know them and think of them, as often as they think of me.
            As for no electricity, Huh. I was deployed into austere environments, lacking fresh food, fresh water, and yes- no electricity.
            Left me with one clear and concise vision. That is, I would kill to get that which I required. That is what mammals do. Nothing strange about that.
            On the other hand, those mammals that are wise and who tend to flourish and thrive, they organize and invent – or exploit what their geography offers. African has a massive land mass, and some of the finest reserves of resources. Yet here we are, talking about them as if they matter. Africa, like most other 3rd world nations simply do not matter any more.
            Technological advancements have surpassed many, including the Africans (North and South) many times over. Technology will never look back its shoulder for those that are incapable of keeping up.

          • Where is the United Nations, to prevent the exploitation of these backwards and less evolved people? As man has left Africa, and all its descendants can be traced with DNA back to continent, how – after many millions of years have they failed to put their own structures in place to be self sufficient.

          • Sure, Columbus sailed the sea blue, in 1942. Until 1776 it was “the America’s” all managed my colonials. That was all European colonial rule for 284 years.
            From 1776 thru 2022, that was only 246 years. It was the USA that freed its slaves, not the King and his Redcoat Army. Yet, American Blacks failed during their glory in the 1960’s to secure their position in society. Instead, their ignorance allowed the importation of the Latino labor to displace them beginning with Truman’s Bracero Program. Truman, the worst President the USA has ever had. His name should be stricken from all records.

          • Do you want to talk about the Black slaves inside what became the USA, or the all the Black slaves that went into Canada, the Caribbean, Central and Southern America. Here is a great map, to set the records straight. Most US Americans involved in slavery discussion are clueless as to the extremely low numbers the USA had. America’s problem is tied to its inability to integrate its Black population. Now many generations have slipped into learned behaviors that nobody seems to care about. Proof, the failed immigration system has brought in and allowed to stay well over 70 million Latino. There is not more Middle Class for the American negro, not anyone else. 5 factors of production rule the day – capital, factories, land, labor, and entrepreneurial effort. Labor is the one factor that is disproportional.

          • France has much of Africa, locked down. In fact, France is only not yet failed again, as they siphon off untold billions in wealth each year from Africa to keep Paris afloat. I quote:
            “…a total of 31 independent states around the world reported French as an official language. If territories are included, the total number increases to 42. Of this total, 21 states are located in Africa, which represents half of the world’s French speaking states and territories. 434 million people throughout the world who speak French. The country with highest French speaking population is not France. Instead, Democratic Republic of the Congo, tops the list with a total of more than 77 million people. France ranks second, with approximately 67 million people. Madagascar and Cameroon, with 24 million and 23 million people, respectively, rank fourth and fifth.”

          • And these countries are Dirt Poor. That explains the foreign policies of Europe and the United States. Does a person hear Washington howling about this?

          • Suppose if you felt it was the USA’s mandate to protect everyone alive on the planet, then they should be on the hook to pay their share of the debts and costs to the American political system. Being that they are dirt poor – that is most often due to a poor climate that can not independently support overpopulation. Again, half the people the level poverty decreases by half.

          • If you think the USA isn’t protecting anyone, then who is paying for the bulk of the weapons going into Kiev?

          • What is the problem with the USA protecting its efforts? Prior to Moscow’s invasion of Crimea, Viktor Yanukovych took his billions when ousted – as if he was ever any good for Ukraine, and fled to his St. Petersburg based protectorate. I remember looking at his abandoned residence, and the regular Ukrainians in disbelief of who they had running their government. Kiev had long been the political puppet since before the Cold War. The real issue is that Russian has run itself in the ground and the balance of power, has shifted significantly.

          • The real problem is Ukraine has been turned into a country that is hostile to Russia on Russia’s border. This is a kind of situation that makes Russia move militarily. Wall Street is shaking the dice, it’s do or die for Wall Street, and their Colonialist thinking.

          • Hostile, as in wanting independence and in this case NATO membership – from the big bad wolf. Russia’s problem is that it has a high corruption index. with shrinking individual rights. Its highways and infrastructure in Moscow look good, but the majority of its people live in depalidation and minimal everything. A satellite image of the Russian roads just a few miles outside of Moscow, is proof of that.

          • How many roads does a person see in Alaska?

            Russia spends a great deal of its GDP on the military. The civilian sector suffers, like here. In reality Washington spends one-third of the GDP on the military

            Individual Rights? Walk through the metal detector in Russia with the family to see you off at the boarding gate.
            Try that here.

            To get into a Russia airport takes a valid ticket or a security card. This minimizes the security procedure on the inside.

            NATO is an Offensive military organization. Look up “Operation Dropshot,” Adolf Hitler’s war plan, with Nuclear Weapons

            Now Dropshot has been rewritten in the history books to say it’s “defensive” instead of what it was, a sneak attack on the Soviet Union.

            The 1949 Dropshot plan envisaged that the US would attack Soviet Russia and drop at least 300 nuclear bombs and 20,000 tons of conventional bombs on 200 targets in 100 urban areas, including Moscow and Leningrad (St. Petersburg). In addition, the planners offered to kick off a major land campaign against the USSR to win a “complete victory” over the Soviet Union together with the European allies. According to the plan Washington would start the war on January 1, 1957.

          • Alaska, and Kamchatka my look similar. But look at their equivalents in Seattle, Chicago, Tampa, Los Angles, Boston, San Diego, Houston, Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco or New York. Their other big cities, are mostly dilapidated.

          • Like said: Russia throughout its existence as been surrounded by hostile countries and elements who want to destroy Russia. Ask any Russian about this, as most Russians under 45 are fluent in English. Then the military burden puts a strain on the civilian structure.

          • All militaries burden their respective economies – the USA is just leagues ahead of the rest of the pack. Its investment into the military allows for much of the rewards we have across the globe. Russia on the other hand has its own enemies, as it has the nuclear bomb, biological and chemical bombs. It does not help that they have rarely sided with the NATO, or promoted basics, such as open and transparent elections or individual rights. Is Russia any better than China, Huh? They may be fine all on their own, but in economies that are interdependent both become problematic.

          • Russia says they uncovered new biowarfare and chemical laboratories in Ukraine. So, what does Washington do, they destroy the old while violating the treaty and making new bio-chem weapons, like for targeting the Gnome.

            U.S. to begin destroying its stockpile of chemical weapons in Pueblo, Colorado
            By Evelio Contreras, CNN

            The Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), officially the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction, is an arms control treaty administered by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), an intergovernmental organization based in The Hague, The Netherlands.

          • New bioweapons and chemical laboratories, Huh? Such claims would be best directed at Moscow’s own populous and those friendly to Russia. Have never seen any credible information, and when the USA has places like Fort Detrick, why would it go to Kiev for help – a place fraught with old Soviet ties and connections to Moscow?

          • I agree, we need a ID requirement so as to flesh out the scum here illegally. This nonese of Fed’s having all jurisdiction on border and and illegals is unAmerican – as they have dropped the ball and play games on my dime.

          • There’s no way these people can be employed in productive jobs. These people crossing the border are a burden on the economy. They are holding back the rest of us.

          • Metal detectors are one thing, owning firearms or speaking ones mind with out search and seizure is another matter. We do that much better than most all others.

          • I enjoyed the Dropshot history. Thanks Had not read about pre ICBM strategies much. That was called AD, or Assured Destruction. It was based on a formula that to win, one must defeat 60% of the enemies ability to manufacture and 40% of their military. Your quote seems to say the equation was at 80+% – but that must have accounted for errors in CEP – circular error probabilities of bombs that miss and fail to achieve the planned objective.

          • Quote:
            Operation Dropshot was the United States Department of Defense code name for a contingency plan for a possible nuclear and conventional war with the Soviet Union and its allies in order to counter the anticipated Soviet takeover of Western Europe, the Near East and parts of Eastern Asia expected to start around 1957. The plan was prepared in 1949 during the early stages of the Cold War and declassified in 1977. Although the scenario made use of nuclear weapons, they were not expected to play a decisive role.
            At the time, the US nuclear arsenal was limited in size, based mostly in the United States, and depended on bombers for delivery. Dropshot included mission profiles that would have used 300 nuclear bombs and 29,000 high-explosive bombs on 200 targets in 100 cities and towns to wipe out 85 percent of the Soviet Union’s industrial potential at a single stroke. Between 75 and 100 of the 300 nuclear weapons were targeted to destroy Soviet combat aircraft on the ground.
            The scenario was devised prior to the development of intercontinental ballistic missiles and even included the note that the entire plan would be invalidated if rocketry became a cheap and effective means of delivering a nuclear weapon. The documents were later declassified and published as Dropshot: The American Plan for World War III Against Russia in 1957 (Book title, ISBN 080372148X).

          • Sure, rewrite History; it’s seen all the time; Dropshot was a First Strike Operation starting from where Adolf Hitler left off.

          • Think there is more at stake than Wall Street. All of NATO are involved, and is sure to be soon expanding. As are other leading nations such as Korea, Japan, and all of Oceania. Yet, you are right. The expansion of colonial ideas, will reach Russia’s borders too. Even if Putin was to leave office, it will take a long to to root out its internal corruption problems. A massive investment into the military and its economy is required, but the power vacuum that is already shaping up on the horizon will not let that happen.

          • Once the people understand History moves Fast.


          • Sounds like Pentagon may have had an executive order, to repurpose funding for other priorities. Ukraine could be one, the equipment left in Afghanistan another, and other new weapons not know to the public, another. Guessing there could be many other reasons, such as overthrowing Putin, XI, or President and Supreme Leader of Iran through clandestine means another.

          • To secure Control all the leaders who are independent of Washington will have go GO. That’s an idea that can get everyone in the U.S. KILLED.

          • There are only 200 leaders of the worlds nations, but few even come close to any parity with the USA. They are often not even close to our equal, and thus must learn there is a hierarchy that they fall into. Life is not fair, nor are the politics driving national security. Instead, they work for us in America, and will continue to keep working. Even if the USA has a internal revolution of sorts, it would be be a ongoing over many decades event. Balance restored for domestic issues would take place by the Pentagon. Then a newer and more flexible political framework of the government “could possibly” take place. The flip side is that, a spiral down continued – not to unlike what is taking place now.

          • Like now, we are on a slippery slope to World War. Five years ago that wasn’t apparent. History now is like playing dominoes.

          • Yes, I agree the risks at stake are very high right now. Miscalculation is rife when left to mortal men, under duress. Putin fits that mold and when rationality is impeded, bit mistakes can take place quick.
            Still, that is no reason to blink. Russia and China have overstepped their boundaries.

          • GRIN – no doubt about that. I was reading the CEO of Theranos got 11 years, but the POS judge sent her to a cushy work camp – as she is a recent mother Pays to have money.

          • Maybe you meant to post, diseases that can be cured by birth control. Can’t have 5 out of 10 of your children die from starvation, if you instead only have supply medicine and hygiene or a warm meal to 1 or 2 kids.

          • If one (or a couple) can’t supply basic nutrition to themselves – should they be having any children at all?
            Think the problem is tied to Pareto Principle, called the 80/20 rule. Simply used to demonstrate that 80% of the people are patently stupid. They will in this case take self serving lust when the sun goes down (as the people you example have no lights) and have sex. Their governments or warlords and village chiefs in many of these traditionally poor regions/nations fail to provide. Their backwards cultures, typically are based on hierarchy that is driven by some local belief, or the religions deposited by traveling schmucks and their false gospels of Abrahamic tradition manipulation. Instead of focusing on that which is real, these stupid people are redirected and focus on false hope. This is no fault of mine – hence near zero empathy – as only stupid people, continue to make the same stupid mistakes, over, and over again.

          • SIlent, so are many others. What the USA has done, is pivot its strategic interests and has Beijing in its sights. With China failing to go on the offensive as the West is bogged down with supporting Ukraine, the USA is retooling and redirecting its primary thrust into the West Philippine Sea. When the dust settles, a new order will appear. Russian have have lost its command beyond the Urals. China, will be no more and consist of 23 providences-turned-sovereign independent nations based in individual rights. I posit, in some time Canada will also become what always should have taken place long before 1812, a holy owned subsidiary of Washington DC.

          • The real problem is the West has Old Thinking while the rest of the World has New Thinking. In History the New replaces the Old.

          • New replacing the old, is a universal given – agreed. So let us define the “West”. Who is the West?
            I would post the true West are the parties to the multilateral UKUSA Agreement – with France, Korea, Japan, Germany stood off at a arms length. The intelligence alliance (Five sets of Eyes) comprising of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. English as a primary language, carries massive dividends in terms of the national security pillars and poli-economic success.

          • Travel to Asia, get in trouble not being able to read the bus or train schedule? Say out loud, “Anyone here speak English?” You’ll find someone to read and interpret the bus schedule real fast.
            That’s the East.

          • Thanks true . No matter where you go, if you want to engage in business or on holiday, someone speaks English. It should be a requirement for US foreign aid. Mandatory K-12 english classes every year. When people speak the same, they tend to think the same.

          • In Europe a student cannot graduate from high school without being fluent in 2 or more languages. In the European universities it’s 3 or more languages. Met a person from the Czech Republic: 7 languages.
            We need the same in the USA schools. That means 4 hours of Homework each day, including the weekends.

          • Europe, is also well integrated with Pax Americana.
            I agree, language programs are wise for those languages considered strategic.

          • And the PRC are killing the students of Hong Kong with 3 languages to graduate: Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese and English.

          • If the Chinese want to kill their own people, that is no business of mine. They surely have too many to fill in any voids. If one need a replacement liver, kidney, or heart – its an excellent place to head for finding a close DNA match. Only place cheaper for organ trans plants is their neighbor, in broke back India.

          • No place has a lower price for organs than the West Bank next to Israel. Find the nearest Rabbi, if their kickback is high enough, they’ll find one.

          • That is almost humous, as you’re likely sharing some semblance of the truth. Then again, when discussing organ transplants, it can not be avoided. Host vs. Graft disease is always reduced with close DNA matches can be found. I have zero Arab blood, and the same is true of their nearly identical mitochondrial match with those cousins they call the Jewish. No Asiatic bloodlines either, but their shear numbers supply better odds of a higher category match.

          • If that is all I can get in a pinch, maybe as a stop gap. Prefer, to get cryogenic frozen – i’ve set aside the funds. $250k for the whole enchilada, $85k for just the noggin. In 100 years, they can either grow some new organs, a new body, inject me some age reversal medication, or if all fails – clone about 1000 more of me. One of them, will follow in my footsteps. What is not possible for the foreseeable future, is to record and re-implanted memories into a new host.

          • A hear transplant in the USA, is $1 million bucks, if the insurance can’t find a reason to decline you. China, its $85k, India, about $45k.
            Surely one can find it cheaper, but the results may not be as long term.

          • Luckily or wisely, I have invested the time required for VA healthcare and they cover emergencies – just as promised before I took my oath. Pity so few see no need to step up and supply service. Just look at the tracked record of nearly all the scum who run for elected office.

          • The matching doesn’t have to be exact, but the closer the far less issues from Host vs Graft disease. Have a friend who had a bone marrow transplant. He is Mexican/Indian mix with some good ole Conquistadores in him. His closest donor match was a white female musician. After 10 year he still takes anti-rejection drugs, but says his body has gotten used to the new organ. His naturally born blood type, changed to now match that of his donor.

          • Know an American of European descent at 20 years old got a rare virus that enlarged the heart. Found a matching heart then surgery within 6 hours for the transplant. The man is still alive at 40 running his insurance business, and feeling great, riding his Harley in his spare time.

          • He can’t sell Covid 19 insurance because the Pharmaceutical Companies are immune to the law suits. It’s caused by the corrupt Politicians and the Corrupt Judiciary.

            “Pharmaceutical companies are immune from legal challenges relating to side effects from the COVID-19 vaccines. “

          • I am in agreement. All government should be required to take a polygraph and other deception testing every few years. Includes, doctors, attorneys, judges, and executives. Defense and intelligence personal do the same, and in large part are mostly good and honest people.

          • All politicians, doctors, attorneys, judges, and corporate executives” should be required to have a news conference every 2 months to take questions from whomever walks it.

          • The “Law”, what does mean? A judges decision and laws are only every enforced by men with a badge and gun.

          • Washington DC, has bigger fish to fry. This administration, is in cognitive slow motion. In two years, much will shape up.

          • Taking to the streets is a form of freedom of expression. The founding principles of the USA suggest then when the people are not happy, they do so and remove tyranny. Tyranny, which can be explained as taking place in many shapes and forms. Yet, taking it to the streets has been happening since antiquities. When the guillotines start getting popular here, its time for the old and weak, to take some cover. Suggest even the cyber goons loitering and collecting information on people, take cover. The world knows what happened to the STASI, when the East Germany government was cleaned out by those in the streets. Hong Kong was another recent example of some tyranny , as was Caracas, Istanbul, Tripoli, Damascus, Tehran, and Cairo when foreign influence adds to the formulation.

          • As a bystander thousands of miles away, I thought the events of January 6th to be quite interesting. When those young organizers get older, and realize their own opportunities lost, a realization for in some cases their subsequent convictions. The next time something happens to cause more mass demonstration, they may realized that need to arrived baring arms to protect themselves and thus ensure their grievances are addressed. As for Washington DC, there are some better checks and balances that we can install onto the political framework – to ensure a separation of powers – and remove collusion and conspiracy from self serving or special interests is removed.

          • The Riots were organized by the Establishment elements who wanted Biden installed instead of Trump, the same Trump who recognized Russia’s interests, like Russia’s border security.
            The only “check” on Washington now is Washington has no monopoly on nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.

          • I would agree, Trump took as long as he was allotted to acknowledge the Biden administration. There is no crime in running the clock down. It did cause far more confusion – but that confusion was irresponsibly propagated by the media, radio, print, and social networks. The only voice that ever really matters specific to national elections, is that from the Pentagon. The high command has all the power and weapons to fix what is out of balance. It was noted that Pelosi went running to the Pentagon to demand Trump be removed.
            That again demonstrates that through out all of antiquities history, both Kings, Strongmen, and all the shrill politicians bow to the the high command. Its not talked about, its not written in our laws, but that fact remains – the Joint Chiefs of Staff are the true Americans. They will always do what is best for citizens. That has been termed by Clausewitz, as the Trinity – the nation, its people – their armies, and their commander. We are used a President as the spokesperson, but that is under the best of times. History shows is, as Pelosi was told by General Milley in no uncertain terms, “…shut the fuxk up, and get out of my face.”

          • Albeit the lantern, or fire burning on the end of a branch of wood – it is not different form the bridle in the horses mouth and snout to direct its path, they are all examples of early engineering. As mammals evolve, their engineering takes them to the next higher level of sophistication.

        • Jesus laws, are half the laws of Moses, plagiarized from the Jews and Hammurabi.
          No matter how you stack it Rusty, they are laws written my Middle Eastern men.
          Being form the Middle East, they are unAmerican.
          They belong in the Middle East, not here.

          • I disagree Rusty. With 8 billion people, most are inferior to me. Some live on $2 dollars a day. Others, have no lights or fresh running water. More yet starve most of their life, or have zero access to basic medical services – and no chance at a cure for a disease. As for your promotion of Jesus, there are even more people who promote Islam, Hindu, or are like me are irreligious.
            The bible is just one of many old books written by uneducated men from a few million years ago, today we have 134 million better written books then the bible.

    • How is Facebook the CIA’s platform? CIA does not typically operate on domestic territory. CIA counterintelligence may be interested in communications that occur with posts between those located offshore, but so would NSA, DIA, FBI, and even DHS. They all sit in fusion centers, sharing and swamping information with those party to the Five Eyes agreement.

          • Pence was a political dud, his only value was to securing a religious right buy in for a clearly non-religious Trump.

          • Trump addressed issues, issues the previous half dozen administrations failed to confront. He botched the border wall, by waiting until after his first 2 year stint, when he squandered time and lost the Republican command of both the House and Senate. Instead he focused on low hanging fruits.
            The prescription drugs – which only made it more difficult for the decrepit, poor, and elderly. They had to go see not one doctor, but two dolt doctors for 1 prescription (orthopedic or specialist, then a 2nd trip on the other side town to see the pain management specialist for a “hand written” slip of paper . That benefit the bottom line to doctors charging twice.
            As for his uphill fights, can chalk some of that up to 3/4’s of the media being neutral to more often left and undermining of political change, and an deeply entrenched residual democratic base fulfilling appointed and senior level civil servant base. Then we have trade deals which have for many decades sucked the life out of the people. Between crummy and lopsided trade losses and 70 million foreigner’s (papered and illegal) the previous admin, mandated minimum wages as a weak means for achieving parity. A minions solution, from another worthless attorney.
            The communist had a demand economy, they could change wages with no care of the economic system – in a Obama’esque administration manor. Clueless. In a capitalist’s system, it is unwise to mandate minimal wages. Manipulated by tweaking the 5 factors of production – land, labor, capital, factories, and entrepreneurial spirit, we are flooded with some much labor – 80% of Americans suffer from flat economy. The aggregate of wages paid, labor saturation, imbalanced tax liabilities and ownership, and piss poor trade as left the USA in decline, and heading towards collapse.
            Domestically, there is poverty in all streets. Trump did not tackle that. He has the business development acumen, yet squander it on failing to address the mental health, drug, and homeless. This a redevelopment bonanza, yet no administration dares to touch it. Deportation of illegals and their underaged children would leave entire neighborhoods vacant. K-12 schools, and their staffs closed or laid off, as would take place in the overburdened medical snafu. Road and infrastructure would last longer, pollution reduced, and both resources and trash/pollution would decline. Homeless in need of homes, could be assigned a roof and work at some city, county, state facility. Those mentally ill could see now emptied schools, repurposed.
            Militarily, it was time to rebuild and retool after a fools misadventure in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The high command has worn out its equipment, some of what should have been used sat idle for decades. The upswing from decades of draft dodging presidents is that our situational awareness, is orders of magnitude superior to the competition. Proof, we are taking down the 2nd best military with supply weapons and intelligence – on the cheap and without shedding loss of lives, yet. Trump gets some credit, as he stood back and allowed the high command to prosecute war for the win.
            Trump also pushed aside, nearly 70 years of arms controls that never mounted munch. China, India, Pakistan, and Israel all acquired the nuclear fuel cycle. Teheran is about to take the next step, while Pyongyang is achieving better results with far less means. His mans effort at talking to the North Koreans was a fresh start, another of many changes that his predecessors refused to address. I don’t need an armchair leader in Washington DC to claim his better than others. Need a man that will stand on two feet and go make superior policy happen.


    • It is a great idea, but with time becoming less appealing. A CEO with a Hebrew cultural bent, a failed Middle Eastern model. Zuckerman will prove to see his own ouster soon. Thing with marketing, you can get the cattle to cross the bridge one easy. If they turn around, its near impossible to get them to cross a second time.

  1. That’s good news. Once Facebook enacts these changes, along with their push to be woke, and the billions of dollars of failure with META, we can see some changes. Like Disney, it only took the lose of $1.5 billion with their woke and moderated agenda to find their CEO was canned. Same with Twitter, and its Dorsey, who was also canned. Zuckerman is doomed, and with some luck we can see the same take place at Apple, eventually. Being American is about more rights, not less.

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