Facebook Will No Longer Ban Posts Claiming Covid-19 Is Man-Made

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After spending months removing any posts that claimed that the coronavirus may have been man made or manufactured, Facebook has had a change of heart and says it will no longer remove such posts.

The decision comes as the Wuhan lab-leak theory is gaining mainstream attention.

A Facebook spokesperson told Politico on Wednesday: “In light of ongoing investigations into the origin of [Covid-19] and in consultation with public health experts, we will no longer remove the claim that [Covid-19] is man-made from our apps,” adding “We’re continuing to work with health experts to keep pace with the evolving nature of the pandemic and regularly update our policies as new facts and trends emerge

RT reports: Back in February, “following consultations with leading health organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO),” Facebook said it was banning a number of “debunked” and “false” claims – including saying that the virus was “man-made or manufactured.” 

So far, it appears Facebook (which also owns Instagram) is the only one to reverse course. Twitter and Google’s YouTube did not respond to Politico’s request for comment about their own policies.

The change of heart comes after the White House announced a 90-day deadline for the US intelligence community to produce a “definitive” assessment of where the novel coronavirus originated, with President Joe Biden claiming the spies were torn between “human contact with an infected animal” and “a laboratory accident.”

Until just a few weeks ago, however, merely suggesting the possibility of a “laboratory accident” – not even claiming that the virus was man-made – was grounds for getting censored on social media. 

ZeroHedge, a news blog famously censored for daring to suggest the man-made origin of the virus, reacted to the Facebook volte-face with a meme used to express annoyance.

Twitter banned ZeroHedge for “abuse and harassment” in February 2020, following a hit piece by BuzzFeed. They were allowed to return in June, after Twitter said it had “made an error in our enforcement action.”

The previously heavily enforced orthodoxy about the origin of the virus was that it naturally evolved in animals and somehow jumped to humans in an incident involving the wet market in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Any mention of the Wuhan Institute of Virology conducting research into the bat coronavirus family was off-limits. 

US corporate and social media alike have spent the past year insisting that the mere suggestion that the virus may have escaped from the WIV – even by accident, as Trump and his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed – was a conspiracy theory with zero merit. A State Department inquiry into the origin of the virus, which began under Trump, was ordered shut by Biden in March, CNN reported this week citing a Foggy Bottom spokesman. 


  1. That platform (lifeLogFacebook) needs to be torn down, it’s time for somebody to start a new platform completely uncensored… which might be coming in the near future.

    • It should have to be torn down, if we had an intelligent population no one would log into it and it would become irrelevant over night. Since people are so vain, they keep logging into their precious FB account. it is beyond me. “if i cancelled my facebook account, who would ever get to see my selfies?!!!”

      • Its socially engineered narcissism They’ve created generations of narcissists and now Dr Goody s telling mums their daughters are narcissists and telling daughters their mothers are narcissists They’re insidious destructive psychopaths created by institutionalised programming scientifically disguised as curriculum and examinations and they dont even know it because theyre so vain themselves.

  2. Doesn’t matter to me, i don’t have a facebook account. you should not either, if you love your country. If you hate your country, you should have a facebook account.

    • I dont have a facebook account either. But it still matters. I hate what facebook and twitter have done to tear our society apart. It is a destructive platform and helps creates young people who cannot handle the real world.

  3. Facebook and Twitter should be completely shutdown. Both platforms have done infinite harm to out nation. The company executives must be immediately arrested and tried for treason, antitrust and crimes againts humanity.

    • Yes and the WAPIOand all ALL msm news tv movies cause thryre all in it together to deceive the whole world. Look Bidden doung his duty ,serving his Master ,gave a ” speech ” consisting of ers and mums and stumbling over phrases and confused demented night rambling rhetoric accusing ,revealing Putin believes in Autocracy ,like China Putin responded giving the little baby reply, takes one to know one REVEALING THE TRUTH about ALL CATHOLICS .And exposing Bidden as the fraudstar stolen democracy and falsely pretending to be what he ,and all of his mob ,are not They all serve the Autocrat and the Autocrat Annoints the Monarch . Rhe Vatican government was tbe role model for the use and ccp .Its the same form just different names for the role of bishop or comrade or senator .The party member ,all really Roman Senators and the head Caesar always the enemy of Greek Democracy .

      • And as you probably dont know the sciences the historian tbe theologians have erased AD and made BC before gommon time Communist time that is And that time ,now the new world order standard is the time when Rome became a hereditary Caesar aka
        an Hereditary Monarchy . That’s the baseline of history now Not Jesus Christianity bot Catholicism, but protestantism has to be destroyed completely. America the powerhouse of Protestantism .That’s what its REALLY all about .

  4. Did you know that Facebook, Twitter, Google and Amazon gets massive amounts of Taxpayer money. Without it, they would be bankrupted in 12 hours. They are far from a private company as they claim. they are supported by the tax payer via, tax break, bloated government contracts, bloated research grants, information services. This is why they don’t give a dam about customer satisfaction, they care what the government thinks about them and will do anything the government says, because that is where their profit is made.
    When was the last time you wrote a check to Facebook, Twitter, or Google? but they have so much money. where do they get it? from the advertisers? not hardly. advertisers are only powdered sugar sprinkled on a huge government doughnut that you are paying for. but you are not allowed free speech on their government rolled platform. Pissed off yet? I know I am.

    • Yes the CIA created Facebook Zuckerberg couldn’t even write a line of code He got chosen to play the leader because he was a rebel who was a slut who preferred boys to girls and who could play the part they wanted the world to see .The teen technocrat, the bright spark leading the new worlds youth into the future overturning convenionality .The anti Christian agenda in other words Like a Pied Piper. Bottom line the government is infiltrated with anti democratic agents .Frauds Deceivers .

  5. National Inquirer ran stories about the Aliens impregnating humans and Elvis being spotted, most Americans did go and buy more of their crap. But the more Facebook lies, the more people sign up. I don’t get it. close your accounts or at least stop using your accounts.

  6. So the CIA Dr Jekkyl , ready to propagandist the China War now .Because I knew the Democrats were itching to start a ear and if Trump hadn’t won Hilary would have had us at war with Iran asap They missed the boat so now theyve taken the express to China as their Final Solution to destroy Ametica .

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