False Flag warning NYC: Full-scale ‘Ebola’ pandemic drill to go live Nov. 13

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An interesting bite of information from The Daily Collapse Report:

Obama admin and media to Hype “Ebola Outbreak” simultaneously as full-scale FEMA pandemic excercise is carried out Nov. 13 in NYC, NJ — crisis actors, role players to be used.

A massive 2-year long pandemic “continuity exercise” is nearing “stage three” of five on November 13th, going live in “New York City” and “other locations”, according to new documents and audio/video recordings uncovered by Intellihub News.

Shockingly, in a jaw dropping admission, a FEMA official was caught telling role players during a live webinar session that FEMA plans to use people’s fears of “Ebola” and what has “been reported in the news” to “drive” this realtime “full-scale” event.

– Via Red Ice Creations

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